You had to win and you did. In a thick and gray party, Elche beat tough Amorebieta He knows how to play against the Elche team and sells his defeat dearly. Basques held to a goalless draw after 84 minutesbut the target Mario Gaspar the box was allowed to be opened and during the downtime, Tete Morente suspended the match.

It was not a match to remember. The exact opposite. The important thing was to add the three points and Franjiverdes just two steps away from promotion play-offs and then they reunite in triumph Defeat at Espanyol field the other day.

Instead of the three expected changes, Beccacece made just two and held Mourad As an attacking reference, despite having Borja Garcés and Sergio León on the bench. Pedro Bigas entered the defense axis Diego González And Nico Castro In the middle of the field for the injured Raul Guti.

Although Elche had the first opportunity on the first play of the game, with a cross from Tete Morente that failed to find the finisher, it was a mirage.

The French could not find a way in the first 45 minutes Damaging Pablo Campos’ goal. He is very good on the ball, but his danger is low.

Áleix Febas dribbles past an Amorebieta player MATÍAS SEGARRA

Elche team never got to grips with the good spider web they spun Haritz MujicaIt consists of 5 defenders, 4 midfielders and 1 forward. The Basque team waited back and closed the gaps to try to get out quickly on the counter-attack at every possible opportunity.

Interestingly, in the first half, Amorebieta received more possession and shot more shots at the opponent’s goal.albeit also in extreme danger.

Strong marking bothering Elche players Many mistakes can be made when throwing the ball, which can be very costly..

Aleix Febas and Nico Castro They presented themselves again and again but were far from the mark. Nico Castro and Tete Morente They found no imbalance in the bands and Murad and Oscar Plano They were well protected by the crowded visitors defence.

The rush from the stands showed that the green-green fans did not like what they saw, and some whistles were heard during halftime, which was proof of this.After the first half, which coincided with bedtime and was a true reflection of this, the players retired to the dressing room.

More tempo after the break

The second half started at a faster pace. Elche knew they had to improve the circulation of the ball if he wants to cause harm.

The first clear opportunity came in the 50th minute. A cross from Josan was directed unmarked towards the dummy by Mourad..

This opportunity encouraged the Franjiverdes and the stands. The goal came in the 52nd minute. Benefited from Clerc’s move into space Oscar Planoafter not cleaning Manu Hernando. The midfielder had faith and got ahead of goalkeeper Pablo Campos, snatched the ball from him and scored the goal he wanted. The entire Martínez Valero team celebrated the goal.

But, The Basque goalkeeper fell to the ground, hurting his leg, and complained that Óscar Plano had stepped on him. The referee went to VAR to review the move and decided to cancel the goal..

The moment Óscar Plano stepped on the Amorebieta goalkeeper MATÍAS SEGARRA

The conflict entered another dynamic, more to the audience’s liking. Bigas’ mistake was about using Avilésbut he shot outside. Plano had another header from Tete Morente’s cross. And in the 62nd minute, due to the discord in the Franjiverde defense, San Román prevented Amorebieta’s goal from Morcillo’s shot.. The match was no longer as competitive as it was in the first 45 minutes.

Beccacece began to move the bench. granted entry permission Mourad’s Borja Garcés and Nico Castro’s Fidel.

Slowly, both teams’ momentum faded. Amorebieta was pleased with the draw. For the Basques, this point was good for their aim of getting out of the relegation places. However Was not enough for Elche.

When things are so complicated and time is chasing us, In the 84th minute, Fidel’s corner kick was taken by Mario Gaspar, who completed the shot between head and shoulder, and the ball took a strange direction and slid towards the net.. Finally the box was opened and the match was on its way.

But there was still time and Luis Quintero, the Hispanic-Colombian who passed through the Franjiverde quarry, was about to make a draw., as soon as he steps onto the playing field. His shot was stopped with a miraculous foot by San Román.

Elche fans were breathing heavily and even singing: “We’ll be back, we’ll be back to the First, we’ll be back again“.

During extra time, In the 92nd minute, Tete Morente controlled the ball in the penalty area and volleyed to make it 2-0.. There were moments of tension because The referee decided to consult VAR about a possible previous foul by Sergio León. In the end, Arcediano Monescillo thought it was valid. and the goal sent the crowd into a frenzy on the scoreboard.

The accident was doomed. Even if, There were positions for both goals in the last minutes. Quintero hit the post and Adam, who came onto the field, managed to score the third goal, but Pablo Campos responded with a great save..

Elche’s fourth consecutive victory under Martínez ValeroHe regained his smile and continued on his way to the top.


-Elche: San Román, Josan, Mario Gaspar, Pedro Bigas, Clerc, Áleix Febas (Cristian Salvador, m. 85), Nico Castro (Fidel, m. 65), Nico Fernández (Adam, m. 85), Óscar Plano (Sergio León, m.85), Tete Morente and Mourad (Borja Garcés, m.60).

Amorebieta: Pablo Campos, Mier (Rayco, m.81), Manu Hernando, Gayá, Félix, Lasure, Carbonell, Fran Morán (Edwars, m.81), Dorrio (Eraso, m.87), Aviles (Jauregi, m.77) and Morcillo (Quintero, (d.81).

GOALS: 1-0 m.84, Mario Gaspar. 2-0 m.92, Tete Morente.

JUDGE: Arcediano Monescillo is from the Castilla La Mancha school. He showed yellow cards to Manu Hernando (m.41), Fidel (m.72) and Gayá (m.78).

STADIUM: Martínez Valero in front of 14,042 spectators