He is “re-satisfied” with his players. This is how Coach showed himself this morning Elche’s Sebastián Beccacece assures that this team “doesn’t even need me to warn them that it is not a small opponent.” “We are preparing for the cup against Europa with the same professionalism as we play against Zaragoza or Espanyol.”

Rosario coach who has been leading the team for eight monthsreflects: “Professional football, and football in general in all its forms, teaches us every day that when you enter the field anything can happen. I think it is the most beautiful sport in the world because what happens on the grass is not determined by a dominant economic force.” Anyone who enters the playing field thinking that he has won before playing the game is not a space professional. We are far from that».


This Sunday at 16:15, Elche admits an Amorebieta team in a relegation position, but “if you go to concrete analysis, they won the other day against a theoretically superior opponent with one less for 45 minutes. Having played very well in Gijón last week They drew. Also, “He has a very good positional structure that will force us to work as hard as possible to achieve what we are looking for, which is victory.”

Amorebieta “is a team that does damage in transition. Four touches and you’re long. This is a very tough opponent and we know very clearly that in a category at this level where everyone beats everyone else, you cannot win even with one position in the table. “We worked very hard this week.”

On the contrary, there are other dangers… “It is a team with a lot of intensity and a lot of resilience on the routes. It is very strong, has a high level of efficiency and solidity. They don’t really need the ball to hurt you because they cover space so well… With two centers that have a lot of presence. A generous team. Maybe they don’t have their own name, and that makes them even more dangerous. We have to put forward the best version of the team.”

Beccacece instructs Elche CF players this week ANTONIO AMOROS

Where did they reach after breaking their winning streak against Espanyol?

“It is always important to see the reaction of the group after the pain of defeat and in this case it was magnificent. This team thrives on challenges and is more united than ever“, recalls Beccacece, warning: “We are the busiest team in the league, but they also run the most. “We need to be at a very good level to beat them at home.”

Regarding the form of his players, the coach said: “Very good. The numbers say it. Even though the senses are dominant for me, this time statistics accompany us. The group is very committed to the organisation, its employees and each other, they are looking for the best version of themselves, they want to finish this phase in the best possible way before the Christmas holidays. It is confirmed that in difficult moments the group is more united than in the positive streak, and this is a very good sign for a coach. This invites excitement, hope for things that have to do with much more than the outcome… We believe the journey is day by day, how football players relate, share, collaborate… that’s how it is, day by day. A very familiar group that is working better and better. As for the shape of the team and the current unity, I am again satisfied with the situation that is improving day by day.

Match prediction

Beccacece said the opponents “know you, study you, neutralize you… It seems to me that it will be very competitive and we will even see the first half. Amorebieta They have very patient players. We will try to win one to zero, but the facts say we have to work hard. If we achieve this, we must manage it very well so that we do not become slack or overconfident.

As a key, Beccacece notes that “the desire to win far exceeds the fear of losing.” Therefore, a brave Elche is expected. So what reinforcement players do you need for the future? «Honestly, I’ll see when the first phase is over. I don’t have time to think about this. I’ll tell you my opinion, but not now. It will be available on December 19th.

“We are all one, we are all Elche”

When asked if she feels part of Elche’s history, Beccaece assured that she believes in the collective rather than the individual. “That’s the great message I feel here. In Elche we are all one, we are all Elche. Some will play more, some less, but we are all Elche. “I believe the best way to grow is between everyone, from the kit player to the forward to the coach or the press.”