Three weeks after being promoted to the first RFEF, Intercity went to Alicante City Council, but was not recognized by the municipality because of its success – unlike what happened at Diputación and Consistorio de Sant Joan. “courtesy visit” Speaking casually about the target sealed in La Nucía on May 15 by Gustavo Siviero’s group and explaining it to the mayor, according to black asset sources, luis barcalaAlready Carlos MazonThe “outline” of a project in the Mayor’s office where not even the architect of the teams that made the last two jumps in the category would be present, Quique Hernandez none perfect palaceannouncing his resignation from the presidency less than 24 hours As the deputy spokesperson for the two parties, Manuel Villar, explained, “it was scheduled for more than a week before the appointment was made.

salvador martiIntercity president went to the mayorship accompanied by the general manager, Tony Gallegoand by Juanfran TorresIn addition to being a shareholder, Hernández will be responsible for assuming full control of the sports arena when he comes to an agreement to terminate his contract, something that has yet to happen despite claims by both parties to end the relationship. as soon as possible so as not to damage the birth of the new project. Quotation was not on the agenda town hall and not reflected in the agenda of the mayor.

“Normal coordinated meeting for more than a week. A team from Alicante because it is headquartered in the capital. Ideas for the next year were discussed. This is a courtesy visit,” Villar explained, without further consideration. Photographers present during the meeting were not allowed to pass the event, further exacerbating the aura of secrecy surrounding the exchange of ideas and the disclosure of intentions.

Three weeks after completing his entry into the third category of Spanish football, Intercity still has to sort out the persistence of its coach, the preferably friendly exit of the sporting director and a training venue when Antonio Solana fails to make it. One reason was that Quique Hernández publicly didn’t take seriously the goal Martí had set for his next route: promotion to the Second Division. Tomorrow, Thursday, your manager announcing the club’s IPO In an action in Valencia under the title “Community Listed Committee”.