Whatever the outcome of the prosecution’s complaint against Hércules and its Foundation, will not cause administrative descent blue and white team category. The complaint by the Public Ministry, in which the Rico Pérez entity is accused of collecting assets, will go to the exclusive court.

this arrangement The decision of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) limited the reasons that could trigger an extremely serious penalty, such as landing from offices. there are three reasons Penalties for clubs to be relegated from the stage where they compete: complaints of players not paying at the end of the season to the AFE, non-payment of federative fees provided throughout the season, the entire campaign and refusal to satisfy tax obligations with the public coffers from the current financial year.

Not included in this last section unpaid invoices History with the Tax Office and Social Security of what is known as debt. This guilt It is such a rare thing that if financing agreements are not reached, it could lead to the dissolution of the SAD if any of the preferred creditors requested it from the judge. this Herculesonce a fixture breach of contracts Therefore, he stopped receiving complaints with his players. Nothing like this has happened since the club went bankrupt in the summer of 2011.

Since then, the blue and white team has satisfied all employment bonds. It also complied with the tax obligations arising from its signing and the fees charged by the RFEF for participating in its competitions.

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The failure to take advantage of it has historically caused payments to be out of date with any of the Government agencies. public aid, none. Neither those provided for subsidies to teams, such as those traveling during the season, nor those given by the body currently presiding. Luis Rubiales alleviate the income gap in modest football, or improve the quarry.

Be beneficiary these items must be up-to-date or strictly adhere to quotas negotiated with administration. In addition, a process such as a lawsuit filed for allegedly being hidden from the treasury, 2 million Abde’s transfer to Barça is not exactly short. It could take several seasons, because only the case could take two years to investigate. If it works, in different cases, the final decision can be delayed for up to 5 years.