continuity Omar Mascarell inside Elche CF It is set to become another soap opera of the summer and will test the patience of the owner of the Elche club. Christian Bragnik.

The Elche club made an effort and Canary has offered the midfielder a substantial replacement, well above what most of the team has earned and if he accepted, the Canary player would become the team’s highest-paid player.

He expressed his tendency to remain a football player, but at the same time He wants to capitalize on his good season and is waiting for possible offers from other teams..

Mascarell found himself very comfortable in the land of Elche, as he realized every time he spoke in public. But he is aware of this At 29, he is still in a position to sign a larger contract than his franchise can offer him..

In Elche they are aware of this, they understand the player and are ready to wait for him. But Nor do they want the bargaining to last long, as it could mean losing other options in the market..

Nico took advantage of the situation

Last summer, the then sports director of the Elche club, Nico Rodriguez, taking advantage of the unique situation of the midfielder signed him. He wanted to leave Germany after taking his steps. Schalke-04 and Eintracht Frankfurt. In addition, the actress received a significant amount for dismissal. This allowed Elche to accept an offer for a well below market value in the last days of the market.

Nico also took advantage of it. friendship with the football player he already took to Sporting He offered him a year to play for Elche, make a name for himself again in Spanish football and have a chance to rise in the market this season.

All this has been fulfilled and now, The franciverde organization is aware that Omar Mascarell may have many “girlfriends”. and the interest of teams with more economical means.

Bragarnik presented his representative with a very important and attractive offer, according to club sources. But for now, it doesn’t end up to the liking of the player, and above all, manager who wants to buy more slices.

In addition to the economic effort from Elche, they want to persuade Mascarell. A football player loved by the fans in an ambitious project in a place where he lives very well and with the desire to grow, Francisco is the cornerstone of the team that has the trust of his coach..

The midfielder has to balance all these aspects when making decisions.

The Elche club knows this will be a complicated negotiation. But at the same time, he has made this clear once again. It will be difficult for the football player who does not fall within the economic parameters that the business can spend, because they will not spend.

Something unusual happened in Omar Mascarell’s case and he was presented with a good offer, according to the club. We will have to wait for the final decision of the Canary football player.

Continuity of Diego González in the absence of edges

renovation Diego Gonzalez practically closed you only need to polish the small tassels to sign the new contract. Bragarnik argued that he was too close to agreement and that only minor details were missing from the statements. The Elche club hopes to make this official in the coming days and Cadiz’s centre-back will remain in the Franjiverde squad next season. Their continuity seemed to have cooled, but Elche kept her word and promise.