The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced this Wednesday that it is “reviewing” the information revealed after some audio recordings regarding LaLiga president Javier Tebas to initiate “all possible legal action”.

“As a result of the news coverage in the ‘OK Diario’ digital media today, the RFEF Legal Department is reviewing the information to address all relevant potential legal action,” the agency said in a statement. Said.

‘Ok Diario’ released a recording this Wednesday that Tebas believes federation president Luis Rubiales should be “blamed” before an unidentified interlocutor, and that the problem is to see how they blocked President Alejandro Blanco. From the “hand that saves the ass” of the intervening Olympic Spaniard (COE) and RFEF leader, the committee said.


Tebas responded to this information via his official Twitter profile and said that the recording belongs to “Saturday, May 28” and they can “completely remove it”. “I joined at the request of an RFEF director who wanted to report irregularities and harassment. He was not the first and won’t be the last,” said the LaLiga president, who wrote another tweet accusing Rubiales of sending him. “This man’s obsession with spying and recording everybody is endless and has no limits,” said a bogus whistleblower to record how I responded to his complaints.

“The RFEF regrets that the president of an organization that is part of the federative body may conspiracy in a search for a clear goal in a conspiracy where, as he himself admits, it is a matter of capturing or advising: ‘RFEF and COE presidents Luis Rubiales and Alejandro Blanco’ There is to kill you,” he said.

This showed his “deep concern about the relevance and importance of these statements, in the midst of the awarding process of the 2030 World Cup”, and “after the events of the last weeks”, “it was conveyed calmly to all football managers”. This is the moment to work with unity and the idea of ​​continuing to build together the present and future of Spanish football”.