The 2022/23 season will be awkward for a Hercules. it will be hard to excite a hobbyist tired of witnessing one failure after another. After the introduction of Intercity, La Nucía and Eldense, no provincial derby will play in league competition with the Alicante team. Hercules was left alone in the Second RFEF in a group that is not yet structured but will not be very appealing to Blue and White fans. The last season Hercules did not play derby in the League was the 2013-14 season in the Second Division.. Since then he has always had a team from the state. Who will he deal with? Except for Orihuela, all Alicante teams are already in a higher categoryThe fact that Hercules remains in the state’s sixth team is a humiliating reality for a club that has become a benchmark and is now in perpetual drift.

After the historic balance of power between Elche, a major historical rival, and Hércules, who were in the First Division in the 2010-11 season, they bottomed out in 12 years as they saw how the Elche club caught up with them, and then, in addition to widening the gap between the two to three categories, the success of Spanish football surpassed it in the historical rankings.

Hercules has 20 seasons in the First Division, achieving two Premier League promotions, one Second Division promotion and four stays in the highest category in these dozen years, for the 24 seasons Elche will complete next year.

Adri López with Hercules fans ALEX DOMINGUEZ

Deportivo Alcoyano, a team that became a provincial standard in the 1950s, has been in a top category called Primera RFEF for two years.

Added to the same rivalry are teams historically far from Hercules, such as Deportivo Eldense and La Nucía, which long competed with the Herculaneum subsidiary.

It has also been surpassed by Intercity, a club with a mere five-year lifespan, involved in an unusual event in Alicante football history, as it was the first team in the city to speak in terms of football level and quality. competition will not be Hercules.

Traditional citizen rival Alicante clashed several stages with Hercules in the same category, Part Two and B in Second B, but never surpassed it, something Intercity has already accomplished in just five years of existence.. Tough gift from a Hercules who will have to regain the love of the fanssomething that is becoming increasingly difficult due to the presence of Enrique Ortiz, whom the blue and white fans were clamoring for last Sunday. At the moment, not everyone is known about the next sports project. The only thing certain is the continuity of Toscano and César Moreno, both with a valid contract. The largest shareholder is working on the search for a sports director to begin profiling the new coach after Carmelo del Pozo’s departure.