LaLiga will market at your own expense and non-exclusively Second Division matches for the residential district during next five seasons after receiving no offers from any operator. In this way, it repeats the situation two weeks ago, when the lottery competition for bars and restaurants only was left blank.

Competition for the prize of the so-called TV rights LaLiga Smart Bank any operator was closed without a bid. none film star (who hitherto abused Second rights), nor Orangenone vodafonenone daznnone media professional… no company has made a bid for the special broadcast of this match package.

LaLiga had the possibility to call a second round to accept new bids (for example, the usual procedure for the employer’s own association with open First and Second matches and the RFEF with King’s Cup rights), but instead opted for market this lot on a non-exclusive basis.

equal footing

“Audio-visual content will be marketed on equal terms to all interested operators., taking into account, among other parameters, the number of users, promotion, distribution and multi-device policy and network security of the respective operator. Likewise, in this case, the CNMC will be informed of the details of the following. marketing terms “non-exclusive LaLiga can apply,” explained the clubs association regarding this option in the tender specifications.

In the absence of more specific details, the institution headed by Javier Tebas will take over the production of the Second Division matches and make them available through negotiation to different operators who may be interested in marketing them.

“similar” sales value

“As in the Horeca package [el de bares y restaurantes]LaLiga is using this new marketing method. not only achieve a similar resale value to the previous cycle, but also better distribution of the producta more competitive offer and therefore better access to competition,” the organization headed by Javier Tebas explained in a statement.

“Things are changing in the audiovisual world, I don’t think we have offers. I think we’ll be back.” Almost what happened with LaLiga Santanderso LaLiga distributes a direct channel to all operators,” Tebas predicted in a meeting with Europa Press this Tuesday.

Therefore, we will have to wait to know how the Second matches can be viewed from next season onwards. As for Episode One, it is already known that all of them can be viewed via Movistar +, five of them on Dazn and one free televisionin a competition that is still awaiting decision.