Former football player Ronaldo married for the third time 00:37

47-year-old Ronaldo, a two-time world champion in the Brazilian national team, married his 33-year-old girlfriend, model Selina Locks.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Es Cubell church in Ibiza. Approximately 400 people attended the wedding.

Marriage to Selina Locks was Ronaldo’s third marriage; Before that, he was married to Brazilian football player Milena Dominguez and actress Maria Beatriz Antoni.

Ronaldo became a two-time world champion with Brazil in 1994 and 2002. In 1996 the team managed to win a bronze medal at the Olympic Games.
Ronaldo spent most of his career at Real Madrid. He made 127 appearances for the team in all competitions. He is also known for his jerseys for Dutch PSV, Barcelona, ​​Inter and Milan.

In 2011, the striker ended his career at Brazilian Corinthians. Since 2018, Ronaldo has been president of Spanish club Real Valladolid, which currently plays in the Segunda Division, the second-highest league.

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Source: Gazeta


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