You’ve seen it so many times, so often, that it’s hard not to think you know what’s going to happen, the outcome. If you do this, you will be accepting a poor, lazy, too adult, too resigned, perhaps even cynical lifestyle. We must leave room for pagan belief, for the dizziness of believing without seeing, otherwise everything becomes militarized, grey, and becomes what happens to others in movies, novels, and news. We’ve all learned something from blue and white disappointments: You know when you’ve fallen from Hercules, but never how long it will take to get back up.


► A good block and something else…?

The hardest thing for any roster architect, without exception, is to keep a locker room running like clockwork where almost no one knows each other. Seems like, Ruben Torrecilla he achieved this. He transformed a squad full of new faces into a recognizable eleven, but used the quickest way to do so: repeating the majority four times. Nine players start each match day. The only one who “nudged” in Carlos de la Navachanging position balls. If “scorer” Mendes had not been injured, the regulars in the first four matches would have been ten instead of nine.

Time will tell if all else is equal and if there is an effective rotation that will help grow and change party dynamics. This hasn’t happened on the only occasion where Hercules has fallen behind on the scoreboard, partly because we still don’t know how much the four-piece can deliver. Nico Espiniosa, Agustín Cosciaahead and Sergi Molina And Ryan Nolan, not published on the back. The goals cannot be achieved with 11 brave people, more brains and more muscles need to be added to the task. Otherwise, the future will be darkened. none Michel Herrero none of them Cesar Moreno They added that the coach had business with them… and not a little bit.


► Connect words to facts

The margin of trust is closely linked to the value of the word. Epic and dramatic speeches are good, but if they do not correspond to reality they become empty, Manichean slogans. The coach claims his team “trained amazingly” throughout the week. Then, on match day, if the waste of energy proves insufficient after two days off, doubts spiral out of control.

The same thing happens when describing the involvement of a particular player. It is not right to peak the daily performance of one of the captains, who has been left out of the squad for two weeks, unless he later realizes that he was “competitive” when given the opportunity. The gene he swore to see in him”. The idea of ​​”sweating blood” is a very visual, well-understood image, one that permeates the stands, but it is better seen on the grass, not just echoing in the press room. It is a phantom echo of the will to win that all the fired technicians swear by.


► Two against the last

Nine out of a possible 12 deserve general applause. It doesn’t matter which opponent the points are earned from. But the objective fact is that there are six against the bottom two teams: Formentera and Espanyol B. In both cases the victory was overwhelming and indisputable and that is all that matters. You must be equally intolerant of defeat. If a team that lost two days and conceded 7 goals scores 3 goals against you, you have to be alert, you shouldn’t reduce it to just an accident because it wasn’t like that.

Hércules received three identical stab wounds in Barcelona, ​​in the Sant Andreu neighborhood, in front of a recently promoted man. Espanyol also sought the same path Carlos Abad Doubts were sown in the first week of the competition, which came into sharp relief last Sunday. When the center of the field does not support the enemy, the line behind him disperses. As we’ve seen before, our ears are hardening before we get any further in the last year… and it’s not because of the cold.


► It better be soon, now

Hercules isn’t doing well even when things are going well. It has almost always been this way in the 21st century. This place in Alicante is a very greedy, destructive square where, for reasons everyone already knows, the probability of fire is very high when sparks jump, and the probability of any fire breaking out is very high. Unfortunately for those involved, the margin of trust behind closed doors is very limited. It’s very sticky to the fans’ ribs. In the first match where there was real dizziness, the reaction was bad, so we have to show with facts that the Narcís Sala incident was an accident, a bad sunny morning, an occasional stumble and having to beat everyone is not an inevitable necessity. anywhere.