Who can stop the hurricane carlos alcaraz? Hispanic, 19 years old, phenomenon of the 2022 edition. Roland GarrosGerman fan favorite alexander zverev for a place in their first major semi-finals.

The other quarter-final match against Serbia was overshadowed by the duel. Novak Djokovic and spanish Rafael Nadal Shock awaits more tournaments.

Before him, Zverev and Alcaraz represent the duel between the younger generation, who for years have wanted a step forward, and the even younger generation, who want to get ahead of the previous one and overthrow the old guard.

This is the intention of the tennis player Alcaraz. Brazenly and powerfully burn the stages6 in the standings, 19 years old, comes in with two Masters 1,000s, one in Miami and the other in Madrid, under his arm and with traces of precociousness.

It was precisely in the Spanish capital that he easily defeated Zverev in three duels for the first time, for the first time their paths crossed on clay.

The German later assured him that he faced this game in bad conditions and warned that this time it would not be the same.

in his favor, Zverev needs to gain more experience in the final rounds of major tournaments. The 25-year-old will play in the quarterfinals for the fourth time this Tuesday, a year after he fell against Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semi-finals.

In addition, he reached the United States Open finals in 2020 and played the penultimate step in all majors except Wimbledon.

Zverev, more expert

With five Masters Series behind it, Zverev was one of those called to dethrone the Nadal-Djokovic-Federer trio. Together with Tsitsipas or Andrei Medvedev, but already beginning to feel the pressure of a rising generation led by Alcaraz.

The Spaniard is undoubtedly the fastest runner in this direction, both in terms of tennis and personality.

came to Paris. a single loss on clay and after making a good statement about almost all the big names on the circuit, including Nadal and Djokovic, whom he defeated in Madrid.

He adds to his great faith in the power of his racket, in his options, which allows him to survive dangerous situations such as when he faced off against compatriot Albert Ramos, who was one match point in the second round.

But Alcaraz did not sink, clinging to victory and offering his confidence for the titlewhen sending a message to his opponents: Touching him is not enough to sink him.

His presence in the quarterfinals, again along with 19-year-old Danish Holger Rune, is a testament to that generation’s impetus. There have been no two under-20s in Roland Garros’ top eight since 1994.

The duel will be played at the head office in Paris and during the day, in response to the Spanish player’s request, which is scheduled to be held twice a night, a testament to the appeal he has among the public who come to fill the rink. witness tennis.

The duel will also be a confrontation of personalities, explosive and protestant Zverev against the modest and silent Alcaraz.