Atticgo Balonmano Elche aims to return to the top of the table by taking on Navarrese Replasa Beti-Onak this Wednesday at 20:00. The leadership of the Women’s Pride Division will be shared by the women of Elche with Caja Rural Aula Valladolid.He has two more points, but he also has one more game.

Joaquín Rocamora’s team wants to go into the crucial match against Super Amara Bera Bera (October 7, at home) with a full victory box. “The first wins were very difficult and now our goal is to go into the match against Bera Bera undefeated. To do this, we need to win both the Beti Onak and Gijón matches this week, which will not be easy at all,” explains the coach who wants to focus on match by match.

This Wednesday, Atticgo Handball will face Elche “To the opponent who controls the game times best.” Therefore, “we will have to work hard and play very well against them.”.

Rocamora in front of his fans in the last Atticgo Balonmano Elche match MATÍAS SEGARRA

Keys to the match

When Rocamora is asked this Wednesday about the keys to victory, the coach understands: “The first thing we need to do is control the tempo of the game, not get into a rhythm that is too slow. They detail their attacks in great detail and remain calm. “We need good efficiency in goal, they have two completely different goalkeepers and that means you have to adapt.”

Atticgo Handball Elche’s last match in front of their fans MATÍAS SEGARRA

team game

As for the team’s situation, Rocamora reflects, despite the great moment: “Many problems could be improved, such as fewer exclusions, we must make more use of the good defensive capacity, try to score more goals in the first and second wave and, above all, diversify the attack a little more. “Sometimes we can be too predictable in positional play.”

The technician realizes: “On the other hand, We work very well in the goal, our physical balance is very good and we have a good command of the special situations of the game.”.

Atticgo Balonmano Elche will seek victory against Beti Onak MATÍAS SEGARRA

physical tone

Despite the two matches played in the European cup this weekend, the team is performing well. “Being able to distribute minutes and roles and train with a lot of B players has allowed us to maintain a pretty good intensity. We have no players with physical problems and we will have to decide in another meeting. “What a happy problem,” says the coach, “we must take advantage of the fact that we are going through sweet weeks,” he understands.

Rocamora expresses his thoughts for joy called two players He will play against the Spanish team in the next match in Benidorm. “I was very happy with the news that Danila So Delgado, who became one of the important players of the league with a very big bet, and Nicole Morales, who came as a girl and played 5 years later, are the best goalkeepers in the category,” he elaborates.

A message to fans?

“We need the support of our fans. The actors’ show is very good and they leave everything at homeThey deserve all of us to help them and hopefully we will gradually see the home attendance increase,” the coach concludes.