Dzhigurda appreciated Dziuba’s words that he did not know Semak 06:18

Dzhigurda appreciated Dziuba’s words that he did not know Semak 06:18

Actor Nikita Dzhigurda, Lokomotiv striker Artem Dzyuba’s Zenit St. He commented on the scandalous statement against St. Petersburg head coach Sergei Semak. Dzhigurda quotes his words Sports24.

Dzyuba said that he did not know Semak after the Zenit – Lokomotiv match in the ninth round of the Russian Premier League (RPL).

“I consider Artem’s behavior as a branch of show business and everything should be bright there. Dziuba has the Hollywood level: scandals, successes, attention. I love Dziuba, handsome! Lokomotiv is lucky because they have a player who attracts attention around the world. “Artem did not rob anyone,” Dzhigurda said.

The meeting ended with a 2:1 victory for the “railway workers”. Zenit’s player Mateo Cassierra scored the goal in the 22nd minute. In the 60th minute, Lokomotiv midfielder Maxim Glushenkov equalized the score. In the extra time of the second half, Nair Tiknizyan put his team ahead and determined the score.

Alexander Shuplyakov, formerly Dzyuba’s children’s coach, criticized for scandalous remarks directed at his student Semak.

Source: Gazeta


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