Kanchelskis suggests imprisoning Promes 22:14

Former Manchester United player Andrei Kanchelskis has suggested that Spartak Moscow player Quincy Promes should be sentenced to 15 days in prison after a controversial video emerged of the Dutch footballer creating a scandal in the police department. Kanchelskis shared his opinion “RB Sports”.

“Prison promises are made for 15 days, just like in Soviet times. He will immediately settle down, catch cockroaches and that’s it. In our time, people returned to normal in two or three days and understood everything immediately. Why are you spoiling him? Once you stay in prison for 15 days, everything will fall into place immediately. Have you forgotten our time? If you are guilty, answer, if you are not guilty, do not answer. Simple!” – said the former football player.

On September 25, the Mash Telegram channel reported that Promes arrived at the police department, where his friends were admitted on suspicion of drug poisoning. Trying to secure their release, Promes became enraged, filed a complaint with the police, and created a loud scandal.

Later, the red-white press service reported that the incident occurred a year ago, and the Dutch football player did not have any problems with the Russian police.

In June, the Dutch Royal Court convicted Promes in Amsterdam. The 31-year-old striker was sentenced to a year and a half in real prison for attacking his cousin with a knife during a family party a few years ago.

This season, Promes played 12 matches for Spartak in all competitions, scoring four goals and providing six assists.

Previously Zarema Salikhova supported Quincy Promesa.

Source: Gazeta


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