Petanque Alicante continues to achieve success. If it was last week Aure Blazquez the person who took it Bronze medal at the World Championships in Beninthis weekend Manuel Higinio Romero Rubio from ElcheIt is popularly known as: “Pirolo”He was declared the European precision shooting champion at the European Championship. Hall Olympique d’Albertville (France).

HE Elche playerbelonging to Elda’s Vergel Petanca ClubHe organized a tournament from least to most. He started the knockout phase with a very slim shot of 25 points.which jeopardized his presence in the play-offs. But “Pirolo” in the play-offs He showed his quality and rose to the class by getting 47 points.

They beat them in the quarter finals Jean-Pierre Le Lons from Monaco (45-38). He faced the big favorite in the semi-finals. Italian Diego Rizzi won 32-27. And in the grand final Manuel Higinio Romero won (45-35) To Belgian Logan Baton, winning the gold medal and playing the Spanish anthem as European champion.

“Pirolo” in the gold medalist and European champion jersey FEP

The petanque player from Elche, who took part in many world championships, came back strongly after a period of time away from the world of petanque and achieved one of the greatest successes of his sports career. His son Manuel Higinio Romero Martínez “Pirolín” was also European champion in precision shooting in the under-23 category in 2016.In the final, he beat Diego Rizzi, whom his father had left behind in the senior European Championship semi-finals.

Pirolo also participated in the triple modality in Albertville, forming the Spanish team alongside Catalans Francisco Flores “Rume”, Óscar Cantón and Víctor García.. Spain started very well and won the first three matches. Latvia (13-2), Bulgaria (13-1) and Sweden (13-6). then lost Belgium (3-13) and France (6-13)This condemned him to a difficult match in the round of 16. National team Eliminated against Switzerland (3-13)depriving him of the medal option.

The petanque player from Elche with the technicians and teammates of the Spanish national team’s trio team FEP

In the women’s doubles category at the Benin World Cup, Manuel Higinio Romero Rubio “Pirolo” won the title of European champion in precision shooting and Aure Blázquez won the bronze medal. Alicante petanquistas’ possibilities of reaching the podium in international competitions are not over yet. Next In November, the World Trios Championship in women’s and junior categories will be held in Bangkok (Thailand).There will be two more representatives of the state such as Aure Blazquezy young Rojales player Adrian Ponce.