Argentina team will play ‘Finalalissima’ this Wednesday (20:45) against Italy. a date you will be Leo Messi After closing his first season with PSG with the title of league champion and the disappointment of the Champions League.

In the first year, Messi spoke to Argentine media outlet ‘TyC Sports’ about his adaptation, his future in the national team and many other topics. For example, he was asked the following question: Golden Ball an award this year for which Leo is a clear nominee. “I think there’s no doubt, it’s very clear Benzema I had a great year and committed himself to the Champions League, it has been essential in all games from the round of 16. “I think there’s no doubt this year,” he said.

He was also asked the following words about this award: Robert Lewandowski When the Argentine wants the Ballon d’Or for the Pole. “Everyone says what they want and frankly, they can express themselves and say whatever they want. Honestly, I don’t share what he said, but I didn’t pay much attention to it either. That’s it, he stayed there and he can say whatever he wants and I’m not interested,” Messi explained, reassuring that “the words I said at that moment came from the heart.”

A few days before capturing Italy, Leo said: “It’s crazy that he won the European Championship and not the World Cup.. Italy’s absence in another World Cup, on what that means and what it means in Italy’s entire World Cup history,” and nominated France. provided. Notice the team and many other things. And for this World Cup, I think there will be a National Team that will once again be a World Champion,” he said.

As for his future, Messi has assured that his presence at the 2026 World Cup is not at all clear. go. “Many things can happen, football is very volatile,” he said.

The Argentine star remembered his arrival in Paris last summer as a difficult step in his life. “I also had to get used to a style of play because all my life I have been used to playing one way and coming to a place that is not the same, you play differently, you see football differently, with new teammates…”, Explain. “I Barcelona I had teammates who played with them for many years and they knew me by heart. “The Argentinean who started late in the league, got injured and also passed covid and not being able to fit in 100% with the team, that was new to me,” he recalls.

“After being in the same place for a lifetime because at my age it’s not easy because something is rejuvenating, preparing or wanting it. At that time I didn’t want it and I didn’t dream it and I didn’t think about it and the truth is it was a tough year. I had everything in Barcelona. I left when I was very young. What’s more: I’ve lived in Barcelona more than Argentina. And it was very good. “The truth is, I didn’t plan to change anything,” he said. Regarding the new season, he said, “I’m ready for whatever happens, I know the club, I know the city, I’m a little bit more. In the locker room, I’m comfortable with my teammates and I know it will be different.”

Regarding the ‘Finalisima’,” he said, “It is an official competition approved by FIFA, one more trophy for us and we want to win it, and this adds another trophy for the personal, group and league. The people of Argentina too.”