The live and instant online summary of Las Palmas vs. Granada from La Liga EA Sports 2023-2024: Videos, Goals, Lineups and Controversies

The Canary Islands team, playing with ten men, achieved an painful victory thanks to Kirian Rodríguez’s goal.

Las Palmas defeated Granada at the Gran Canaria Stadium on the sixth matchday of the 2023-2024 season. The Canary Islands team, playing with ten men, achieved an embarrassing victory thanks to Kirian Rodríguez’s goal in the 92nd minute of the match.

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Deserved victory for UD Las Palmas who continued to believe in victory despite the numerical disadvantage. After a first half of dominance from the Canary Islands team, but with a lack of football in the final meters, the second half did not seem to have a better script and the only change was made by Granada, who matched their proposal and showed themselves with something more daring in the rival field. A VAR-corrected penalty encouraged the Andalusians even more and the expulsion, a few minutes later, of Mika Mármol seemed to lead the match to a happy ending for Paco López’s side, but this was only the beginning of a very different end.

And despite having the numerical advantage in their favour, Granada’s attacking football was diluted shortly after the local defender’s expulsion. García Pimienta read the match correctly and introduced Marvin Park and Sory Kaba, two of the members who would stimulate the meeting and turn it back in their favor. Instead of conceding, UD Las Palmas gained meters towards the rival area, and after the chances of Sergi Cardona and Sory Kaba, this was established as a fact that would confirm their reward with the goal in extra time of Kirian Rodríguez, who with a well placed shot with the long stick on André Ferreira.

Minute by minute Las Palmas vs. Granada from La Liga EA Sports 2023-2024

The live and instant online summary of Las Palmas vs. Granada from La Liga EA Sports 2023-2024: Videos, Goals, Lineups and Controversies

90′ + 2′Gooooooooool from Kirian Rodríguez! LAS PALMAS 1-0 Granada. Beautiful goal from the Tenerife midfielder! Sory Kaba brought the ball down in Granada’s area and, after adjusting it, gave it to the Canarian footballer who took the ball and put it in the corner, where André Ferreira touched it without avoiding the goal.

73′SORY KABA HAS IT IN HIS HEAD!! Marvin Park moved in quickly, captured the baseline on the right side of the attack and sent a measured cross into the position of Sory Kaba, who, unopposed in the small area, headed a sharp and deflected header over André Ferreira’s goal, without to hit the ball. within the network. Loud chance for the Guinean.

58′Second yellow card for Mika Mármol! UD Las Palmas defender sent off! The player knocks over Lucas Boyé with a push and the Biscay referee does not hesitate to punish the footballer’s action. The Canary Islands team plays with one less for more than half an hour.

53′Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea rectifies his decision! Call from Carlos del Cerro Grande for the Biscay referee to assess the action and in the same he ruled that there was no foul, that the ball first hit the head of Julián Araújo and later the hand of Máximo Perrone, who was there can’t do anything about it. avoid it if you fall. Granada players protest against the change in decision.

51′PUNISHMENT IN FAVOR OF GRANADA! There is a foul very far from the area where Gerard Gumbau is hanging and that Máximo Perrone touches with his hand in an attempt to clear it. This is what referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea points out to the surprise of the UD Las Palmas players. And be careful, the VAR calls the Biscay referee!

The flow of the match, which Granada could not cloud, was only shaken when De Burgos Bengoetxea confused the Canary Islands team, allowing the Andalusian team to continue an attacking action in front of the surprised look of the local players, who Julián Araújo’s remarkable defensive effort to prevent the visitors from taking the lead on the scoreboard with very little. From there, and with a cloudy mood between both teams with maximum intensity, the match was diluted until the arrival of the dressing room, with a very poor picture of the two contenders in attack.

A draw on the scoreboard after about 45 minutes, leaving us with a simple script and few chances in the match. UD Las Palmas took the dominant role, had possession and tried to subdue a Granada team that spent more time in its own part of the field than in the rival field. However, the yellow team’s dominance was painless, and only Munir El Haddadi, who scored a double number of goals disallowed for offside, threatened André Ferreira’s goal.

twenty-one’Gooool… CANCELED AGAIN TO UD LAS PALMAS! Another goal disallowed for Munir El Haddadi! Shot from the front by Sergi Cardona that hits an opponent and deflects towards the Moroccan striker, who controlled and parried André Ferreira and started the action from an irregular position.

4′Gooool… annulled for UD Las Palmas! Munir El Haddadi’s goal is disallowed! The local team has started by being central with the ball and trying to intimidate a Granada team that has already received the first scare. Ball for release in space, behind the defenders, from the Moroccan attacker who went alone against the Portuguese goalkeeper, against whom he defined by putting him at the far post. However, the promotion was declared invalid due to an irregular line-up.

XI OF THE PALMS | Two changes to the Las Palmas eleven compared to their match in Seville, with the entry of Perrone and Pejiño instead of Sandro and Kaba (4-5-1): Álvaro Vallés – Sergi Cardona, Mika Marmol, Alex Suárez, Julián Araújo – Munir El Haddadi, Jonathan Viera, Enzo Loiodice, Kirian Rodríguez, Pejiño – Máximo Perrone. Four absentees for Francisco García Pimienta, who is forced to play without Sandro Ramírez in the line-up due to an injury. Alberto Moleiro, Fabio González and Benito Ramírez appear in the infirmary report with him. UD Las Palmas bench: Marc Cardona, Saul Coco, Eric Curbelo, Aaron Escandell, Cristian Herrera, Javier Muñoz, Sory Kaba, Álvaro Lemos, Marvin, Omenuke Mfulu and Daley Sinkgraven.

XI OF GRANADA | After the win against Girona in Los Cármenes (4-3-3), Paco López makes no fewer than four changes to his team: André Ferreira – Carlos Neva, Raúl Torrent, Ignasi Miquel, Ricard Sánchez – Gerard Gumbau, Sergio Ruiz, Óscar Melendo – Antonio Puertas, Myrto Uzuni and Lucas Boyé. One of the big novelties in the Granada coach’s lineup is the change in goal, with André Ferreira taking over the starting position instead of Raúl Fernández. Miguel Rubio and Jesús Vallejo are both out due to injury and will not be available for this match. Granada bench: Miki Bosch, Josñe Callejón, Víctor Díaz, Famara Diedhiou, Álvaro Fernandez, Raúl Fernández, Wilson Manafá, Alberto Perea, Njegos Petrovic, Gonzalo Villar and Bryan Zaragoza.

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