Former Zenit football player, Lokomotiv’s St. He described his victory in St. Petersburg as unexpected 22:36

In the past St. Famous Russian football player Maxim Demenko, who plays for St. Petersburg Zenit, Spartak and Krasnodar teams, said in his statement to that Lokomotiv is playing in St. Petersburg. Russian Premier League.

“An unexpected result. And an unexpected situation before the match. I still said that Zenit would fight for victory, knowing that Krasnodar could win. That’s why Zenit was the clear favorite for me. In the first half, Zenit really controlled the game and not only scored the first goal, “He could have scored the second goal. Of course, Lokomotiv could have equalized when Barinov shot and finished. But no matter what, I don’t know what Galaktionov said in the dressing room and what emotions the players had, but we saw a completely different Lokomotiv in the second half.”

Zenit took the lead over Lokomotiv at home with a score of 1:0 after the first half, but could not maintain the advantage and conceded two goals in the second half and suffered their second defeat in the RPL this season, 1:2.

Formerly journalist Vasily Utkin statedZenit may miss the RPL championship.

Source: Gazeta


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