“I still don’t know what they want” or “they can’t explain themselves” are two of the most important arguments of those who “don’t want to understand” the changes that the Spanish national team players want to guarantee a real improvement in Spanish women’s football. Alexia Putellas -next to you Irene Paredes, Misa Rodriguez, Batlle him, Athenea del Castillo And Çata Coll– Speaking to the media again at Betis Sports City in Seville, he explained his position again, talked about what was happening in the national team and the RFEF and clarified all doubts.

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“I think I’ve been very clear, but I’ll explain it in two sentences,” he began. AlexiaVisibly exhausted physically and mentally, he assumed leadership of this revolution and once again faced the press: “Zero tolerance for everything that the world sees and for things that are not seen because they do not see. We cannot talk about it because, as you know, there is a public hearing and also the structural changes required because it hasn’t been on the list of feminine priorities for decades.

The captain was asked for details and did not hesitate to give a few examples that “came to my mind as we were talking.” From “having to catch a plane at three in the morning the day before a European Cup qualifying match” to “consuming seven or eight hours of bus time” during a tournament as competitors “travel by plane between venues”. “We are elite athletes and there are three basic things: training, food and rest.”

prepare the ground

He insisted again Alexia The players wrote their names and surnames and said: “We condemn a behavior that neither we, nor you, nor anyone in any business environment can accept.” “I must admit that they were there listening to us, which is something that doesn’t always happen. You have to have uncomfortable conversations to growimproving and improving on things we see failing. “When they have all the facts and have all the information, decisions are made,” he argues.

He explained it well Irene Paredes “You want us to name specific names, we cannot do this because there is an open judicial process, but what we know clearly is what happened on the final day, in the following days and afterwards. The Parliament said, “Neither we nor the Federation can tolerate this. “We want to create positive precedents, we believe most of the incidents happen because we are treated like girls and we want to be treated like professional women who play football.”

A few difficult days: from fear to unity

It is no secret that the last month, especially the last 10 days, has been difficult for football players, especially those who had to attend training camps. “When you say not to be summoned, you are afraid that they will impose sanctions when they call you. Sanctions are a very difficult thing to do and you stand here with fear, that was the hardest thing, but with the unity of the nation. We have confidence in our team and our belief that they will improve what we do,” he explained. Batlle himWhat Çata Coll He added: “Imagine my career ending at twenty-two… we’ve all experienced that fear.”

The goalkeeper also said that although there are different opinions, “We are more united than ever on this issue and I think this was also seen against Sweden, everyone is free to say and decide what they want, we respect all positions.” One of them is Athena“I avoid social networks during a time when there is so much turmoil between who is who and who is not,” he explained. “We respect him and admire his courage,” he said. Alexia. “What did you see in the match? How did you see the celebrations? I think there is nothing more to add.” Walls.

It was all Jenni

Misa Rodriguezlike Alexia, is a very good friend of Jenni Hermoso and is one of those most affected by what is going on. “I know what it’s like and I know how much you want to enjoy the victory in the World Cup. It’s hard to see a teammate suffering, a teammate being persecuted and all the focus being on him. The victim is never on another person,” he admitted. The Canary goalkeeper did.

However, like many women in other industries, they have all been ‘Jenni’ at some point, having been subjected to abuse of power in their work. “All of us here have felt some kind of similar abuse, big or small,” he admitted. Walls. and was sentenced Alexia: “We grew up in an environment that said ‘it’s always been this way’, but society is evolving, we need to learn and grow, and do our part individually and collectively to become a better society.”