It is becoming common for real society In their home games at the Reale Arena, they score early, the goals come quickly in their favor and then they don’t know how to close the games with solvency. HE Getafe It looked like a good test, and the test turned into a visit to the dentist for the San Sebastian team, which emerged as the winner, but only after trading blows that kept the result uncertain until the end (4-3).

The match couldn’t have started better for the locals. It didn’t take long for Real Sociedad to wreak havoc on the team’s defensive line, led by José Bordalás. Clean recovery from three quarters of the court by Brais Méndez, who piped to Omar Alderete and was thus able to advance towards the opponent’s goal and serve. A luxurious assist for Take Kubo, who did not forgive David Soria with a perfect thread on the long pole.

This happened in the second minute of the match when Real started and Getafe faced many doubts. The match slowed down a bit as the local team preferred to dominate the ball, while the Azulón club advanced through the lines to find the equalizing goal.

The first controversy of the match took place A possible penalty for Benat Turrientes Txuri Urdin did not go to the majors despite his team’s complaints. VAR did not intervene. While the minutes passed in relative danger in the Soria area, the players led by Bordalás could not find the key to create a position and disturb Real.

The scare came in the 35th minute when Sadiq Umar and Stefan Mitrovic collided heads trying to finish off Kubo’s cross. Although luckily the accident wasn’t serious, they had to skip medical attention on the lawn.

Everything would change with a measured center in Diego Rico. Carles Aleñá beat the central defenders and leveled the scoreboardThus doubts returned to the thinking minds of the Real Sociedad team. Something to deal a blow to the royalist mood as non-alignment puts Robin Le Normand under commitment A clear penalty for Borja Mayoral, who then converted the penalty We managed to get past the blue team at the beginning of the first half.

Going to the locker room didn’t change the outcome of the match much, so Alguacil opted to mix things up and bring out the three leading swords in Martín Zubimendi, Mikel Merino and Mikel Oyarzabal to dance. And it helped, as Brais would be ousted by Mitrovic in the region. The penalty that left no doubt and the Real Sociedad captain hitting the post Soria was right, this was very close to stopping him.

Alguacil’s team would come out on top and turn the tables thanks to Soria’s false start after a throw-in. The Getafense goalkeeper did not make it clear, which He allowed Brais to head into the empty goal as he wanted.. The playing field would be in Real Sociedad’s favor and they would play with a wind that would allow them to have more possession of the ball.

A setback may occur for Alguacil towards the end of the match. Igor Zubeldia’s muscle injury The person who requested the change was replaced by Jon Pacheco.

Then would come some heart-stopping final moments. Who would score the second goal of the match?finishing voluntarily in the small area, something that will not cause Getafe to give up, because immediately after Latasa would finish the job by hitting the post with a magnificent header. To the right of Álex Remiro’s goal.

Real would chloroform the match and not allow any more goals to be scored at the football festival held at the Reale Arena. Oyarzabal’s injury-time goal was disallowed Due to Mohamed-Ali Cho’s previous offside. Real Sociedad continues the 2023/24 season without losing at home and is once again in search of Europe.

Data sheet:

4 – Royal Society: Remiro; Traoré, Zubeldia (Pacheco, d.82), Le Normand, Aihen; Urko (Zubimendi, m.57), Turrientes (Merinos, m.57), Brais; Kubo, Sadiq (Oyarzabal, m.57) and Barrenetxea (Cho, m.69).

3 – Getafe: Soria; Damián, Alderete, Mitrovic, Rico; Carmona (Arambarri, m.68), Maksimovic, Djené (Greenwood, m.68), Aleñá (Lozano, m.78); Mata (Óscar, m.78) and Mayoral (Latasa, m.46).

Goals: 1-0, m.2: Kubo. 1-1, m.39: Aleñá. 1-2, m.45+4: Mayor (P). 2-2, article 61: Oyarzabal. 3-2 (P), art.66: Brais. 4-2, m.89: Oyarzabal. 4-3, m.90+2: Latasha.

Judge: Juan Luis Pulido Santana (Canary Committee). He warned Brais (m.45+1), Aihen (m.45+3) and Remiro (m.45+4) for Real Sociedad; and Diego Rico (m.19) and Suárez (m.48) for Getafe.

Events: The match, which coincided with the sixth day of LaLiga EA Sports, was played in front of 29,568 spectators at the Reale Arena. A moment of silence was paid to the Donostia Arraun Lagunak women’s rowing team after winning the La Concha 2023 Relay.