Judge national audience Francisco de Jorge investigates alleged crimes sexual assault and don’t force Regarding the kiss of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, with the national team player Jenni Hermoso, he called on a large number of people to testify as witnesses and experts in this procedure for the next 25, 28 September and 2 October. None of these statements were requested by the prosecution.

The people mentioned are people close to the player. three teammates from the football team and two defense experts who will arrive to approve the report submitted to the court by Rubiales’ lawyer. Some of these statements will be made via video conference, legal sources reported.

These subpoenas join those of four Federation officials who the judge also named will be making special appearances at the next hearing. Thursday 28. This is the football director of the men’s team. Albert Luque; marketing director, Reuben Rivera; press officer of the women’s team, Patricia Perez; and integrity director, Miguel Garcia Caba.

These all belong to departments where the RFEF requested national team players playing in this afternoon’s Nations League match against Sweden. “restructuring” In the statement they stated that they refused to be called.

Dates of shows

For relatives and experts Monday 25The names of the A team players, whose names the National Court has not yet announced, are as follows: October 2.

Similarly, the Central Order 1 Court currently Australian EmbassyAs the judge emphasized in his order, thanks to the rapid cooperation of the authorities, the certificate of the content of all crimes contained in the Criminal Code of that country in relation to the facts investigated and applicable in the State of New South Wales.