Spain team in the UEFA Nations League for women: group, classification, calendar, competitions and how to get to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

La Roja share Group 4 of League A with Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

The UEFA Women’s Nations Leagueés, UEFA Women’s Nations League) It is already a reality: the championship will be held for the first time in 2023 and starts on September 22 this year.

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It will be contested between the UEFA women’s national teams and will consist of three competitions, with promotion and relegation in between, as well as a final tournament to determine who will win the trophy. Furthermore, it will serve as a process to qualify for the Women’s Euro Cup, the FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup or the Olympic Games, depending on the season.


The League of Nations consists of 51 countries, divided into three leagues or divisions, which in turn are divided into different groups. League A and B have four groups, compared to the five in League C.

At the end of the competition phase, the group rankings will determine automatic promotion and relegation between competitions, as well as which four teams will contest the first finals of the UEFA Women’s Nations League in February 2024 (group winners of League A).

The group rankings will also determine which teams will play the promotion and relegation matches to determine their starting positions in the Women’s European Qualifiers, which start in April.

The Spanish national team plays in the League A (top division, according to UEFA coefficient) and within that in the Group 4, together with Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.


The groups consist of teams that face each other, as in a competition.



The first four group teams in League A will qualify for the final phase, which will take place between February 21 and 28, 2024. The draw will determine who will be at home in the semi-finals and in the final and the match for third place. The two finalists, together with host country France, qualify for the 2024 Olympic women’s football tournament.

If France is among the finalists, the third-placed team will take the remaining place at the Olympic Games. If a federation that has not been confirmed by FIFA as eligible to participate in the Olympic women’s football tournament qualifies, the next highest ranked team that has not qualified will take its place.


The top two teams in each group will remain in League A for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2025 European Qualifiers.

The four third-place teams will play the second-place teams in each group in League B. The winners of each match will play in League A for the European qualifying stage; The defeated play in League B.

The fourth-placed teams are relegated to League B.

Source: Goal


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