this Barcelona suffered too much to overcome in the second quarter-final match Endesa League a a veteran Gran Canaria, With Ennis (26 points) and Khalifa Diop (15 and 4 rebounds), he tied the Catalan club to the semi-finals thanks to an epic basket. Higgins at the last second (86-88).

In a start of zero success in the periphery by either team, the Claretians started off by polarizing the game in versatility under the hoops of Senegalese Khalifa Diop. The Catalan team spread gunpowder between Smits, Exum and Miroticin the middle of the first quarter, he broke the mutual bullshit from the outside line from Albicy to the trio (8-6).

The Claretians tried to take control of the game, using Khalifa’s superiority of -9 points, 2 rebounds and 2 dunks in 6 minutes. Laprovittola minimized the bleeding from 6.75, but 3 percent in both circles became a real grind (1/6 for locals, 1/4 for visitors).

With this look, Gran Canaria managed to breathe with numbers from Pustovyi (16-11)Although Higgins and Jakubaitis set the lead to just three (18-15) at the end of the first period.

On the second offense, fouls damaged the yellow inside game – Balcerowski’s third personal and Pustovyi dragged two – which caused Claretian coach Porfi Fisac ​​to once again appeal to Diop who took the offensive lines – ‘alley-oop’, Included after the help of Dylan Ennis- after the attacks of the azulgranas led by Higgins and Davies (29-28).

However, when Exum and Smits were winning integers at the end of the match, Barcelona seemed to be watching the game go. The away game was awakened by Ennis, Chery and Brussino (42-36) three-pointers.thus forcing a new break for culé coach Sarunas Jasikevicius.

After the tactical stop, Laprovittola again came out from the three-point line, and Mirotic, albeit not enough, from the staff line. Shurna and Diop managed to put the island team into a break with an advantage. electronically (46-41).

After the break, the hugs redoubled their efforts as Pustovyi emerged from the bench. reach ten difference (54-44). But an unsportsmanlike foul by Brussino and Mirotic’s development ahead of the rim allowed Barcelona. add partial 0-9 to retighten the nuts (54-53).

Although Gran Canaria regained oxygen on the scoreboard with Fisac’s break (60-55), personals began to pile up as a serious handicap for the locals. Azulgrana took the lead with trios from Mirotic and Laprovittola, but a final 6-point run from Ennis – 4.60 from the line and trio– Put Fisac’s men back in the ointment (66-63) waiting for the final season.

The ‘Ennis effect’ continued to wreak havoc on visitors. Azulgrana short circuit Chery, Salvó and Stevic increase partial number to 16-3 (76-66)He forced Jasikevicius to take another technical break.

slowly Barça disabled the yellow effectby forcing the machine to balance both Mirotic and Laprovittola at 3:53 for the result (78-78). From there, basketball trading intensified, defenses and mistakes intensified. a basket to ride Mirotic put Barça ahead with 1:40 remaining. And finally, the insulating retort came with a bouncing shot of Slaughter from the hoop.

Shurna’s subsequent foul caused Laprovittola to finish the game halfway from free throws. But on the last roulette of shots, Ennis invites Granca to have a triple dream with 4 seconds remaining (86-86). Again, Higgins works wonders for Barcelona After a painful match in which the yellows died on the shore in the last minute of the match, azulgranas advanced to the semi-finals (86-88).

Data sheet:

86 – Gran Canaria (18+28+20+20): Albicy (3), Brussino (5), Slaughter (4), Shurna (7) and K. Diop (15) -first team-; Balcerowski (4), Pustovyi (8), Stevic (4), Chery (7), Salvó (3) and Ennis (26)

88 – FC Barcelona (15+26+22+25): Exum (4), Smits (), Laprovittola (17), Mirotic (21) and Calathes (5) -first quintet-; B. Davies (10), S. Martínez (2), Oriola (4), Higgins (12), Kuric (-), and Jakubaitis (7).

Referees: Juan Carlos Garcia González, Jorge Martínez and Esperanza Mendoza. They eliminated yellow player John Shurna by staff margin.

Events: The match, which coincided with the second quarter final match of the Endesa League championship play-offs, was played in front of 7,029 spectators at the Gran Canaria Arena. Defeating Gran Canaria 2-0 in the series, Barcelona advanced to the semi-finals of the ACB League.