Hercules, just as the seasons pass loses its reputation in the table of historical clubs with more assets First partalso, a little over a decade after being the absolute benchmark for top-ranked state football, sixth From all over Alicante, one of them, as up to five teams from the same region will compete in the higher categories next year, elcheIn the Santander League, the national elite and the four (Alcoyano, Intercity, La Nucia and Eldense) In the first RFEF, the third rung of football in this country.

After achieving an important balance of power over time (full of maximum sporting rivalry) with the Franjiverde team, their great historical “enemy” Hercules, 2010 He was on top for the last time fell in 12 years. His collapse coincided with the resurgence of Elche, which caught him and subsequently surpassed him in the overall standings of Spanish football, as well as increasing the current distance between the two companies into three categories.

Hercules adds 20 seasons at maximum level. He will arrive in Elche on August 24, and in these dozen years he has promoted two firsts, one second and four permanents in the Spanish elite. Deportivo Alcoyano, a team that became a provincial standard in the 1950s, also appeared in the higher category Primera RFEF for the two bows.

Added to the same rivalry are franchises that are historically distant from the Blues and Whites, such as Deportivo Eldense and La Nucía, which played league games long ago. against the herculaneum subsidiary. Intercity passed it too, Founded in 2017For the first time, Hercules won’t be the city’s most outstanding team, given the standings of the frame in which it competes, taking part in an unusual event in football history in the capital.

Practice in front of your opponent and neighbor, Alicante Football ClubIt clashed with the Blues and Whites in the same category—Second and Second B—in several stages, but never passed them, something the black team has accomplished during its limited five-year existence.

While waiting for new events right now, the only thing that is certain is that; Enrique OrtizResponsible for the future of Hercules since January 2010 (as maximum shareholder and owner), no has no intention of giving up SAD control and this Sergio MoraThe locker room leader, who failed to challenge for promotion to the First RFEF after declaring himself the winter champion, will not sit on the bench again in September, although this decision has not been officially communicated. confirming sports director, a position he still holds Caramel of the WellWith the contract in effect until 30 June.