Lenovo Tenerife won to equalize the Playoffs at Santiago Martín this Sunday (103-76). quarterfinals Along with Joventut, he scored another home victory in the agonizing duel between the two, which will be its final episode in Badalona on Tuesday.

Canaries, championseuro cupJust two weeks ago, they woke up in front of their fans after the frenzy in the first duel of the series following the Catalans’ smashing win last Thursday (100-68). He bound both sides with a tight tie.

Lenovo took the field with an insatiable hunger, and the people of Tenerife scored more in the minute and a half than in the entire first quarter of the first round. Badalona (7). Actually, the scenario repeated itself, but this time ‘Penya’ was impressed and only scored 11 points in the first 10 minutes.

Thus, the natives got 13 points, two points more than ‘Penya’, with an infallible Wiltjer putting the land between them. Carles Durán’s team struggled to withstand the storm in the second quarter thanks to the success of Bassas and Tomic, but locals triple 9 out of 12 they showed their superiority and entered the time-out by 20 points (54-34).

rhythm Txus Vidorreta They made it difficult for ‘Penya’ to close the gap on the scoreboard and Joventut did not complete the offense. Tomic, Bassas and Feliz once again tried to outdo the team and had 39 of 51 points in the third quarter.

However, the Canadian power forward wiltjer was the solution for the locals and by dooming the second round of the quarterfinals’MVP‘, he equaled the best record in the Endesa League with 37 points and the Playoff record of Tenerife with 6 three-pointers.

In the end, Lenovo returned the coin to Joventut, and two minutes after the end of the second duel, they exceeded 100 points. It’s a game locals will remember by gaining the team’s greatest historical advantage in the knockout rounds. also historical Marcelinho Huertas He became the absolute best assist in the Playoffs after 11 assists, breaking the Tenerife record at this stage—his own anyway—and after being defeated. Sergio Llull and Juan Carlos Navarro.

The third and final game of the series will be played this Tuesday. Olympic. ‘Penya’ will have the home advantage in a clear draw for both teams sweeping their respective matches in front of their fans.

Data sheet

103 – Lenovo Tenerife: Huertas (12), Salin (16), Shermadini (10), Doornekamp (8) and Wiltjer (37) — starting quintet–; Borg (-), Fitipaldo (14), Smith, Rodriguez, Sulejmanovic (-), Todorovic (-), Guerra (4), Sastre (2).

76 – Young: Feliz (16), Ribas (6), Parra (2), Willis (4) and Tomic (19) — starting quintet–; Busquets (2), Paul, Vives (8), Ventura (-), Bassas (13), Birgander (6), Maronka.

partial: 26-11, 28-23, 23-21, 26-21.

referees: Garcia Gonzalez, Martin Caballero and Sergio Manuel. Pep Busquets was eliminated from Joventut due to personal fouls.

mansion: Santiago Martin 5,029 spectators.