Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) expressed its views”stupor due to lack of dialoguebetween Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) when calling multiple players for concentration absolute choices and Under 23 although they rejected and confirmed “with arguments that must be respected” “serious mistake” What did he undertake by not complying with FIFA regulations to make this call?

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“Following the calls from the Spanish women’s absolute and U-23 teams, AFE would like to express our surprise at the lack of pre-election dialogue from the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Majority position of players called up “It is based on arguments that must be respected,” the union said in a statement.

According to the organization headed by David Aganzo, “It cannot be understood how an institution that intends to move to a new phase open to dialogue and compromise, as it announced in the past weeks, can act so indifferent to women’s football. The newly declared world champions.”

Additionally, the association thinks that: RFEF “once again revealed a lack of interest in the issue” Women’s Football By making a serious mistake such as not transmitting the list of selected players to their clubs on time and not complying with the 15-day period determined by FIFA.”

“This conflict has reached agreed terms intolerable and seriously damaging the image of Spanish women’s football. We call on the AFE to RFEF to stop its efforts to put pressure on players and take into account the reason for the loss of trust and support of some of the players who have been called up. “As AFE, we show all our support to today’s world champion Spanish women’s Absolute team and the players of the U-23 team,” he said.