coach Elche CF, Sebastian BeccaceceHe was happy with the draw as he couldn’t have had it any other way. ValladolidFirst of all, because of the course of the game, after Pucelanos’ goal and Mario Gaspar’s deportation.

“We came with the intention of winning, it became clear in the first 30 minutes” and we had a chance to get ahead on the leaderboard. We had two chances from Nico Castro. Unfortunately, Borja (Garcés) injury affected our game idea and then they made it 1-0 with a set piece and We couldn’t show the same ambition in the last 15 minutes of the first half.. Then we had to play many minutes with one minute missing and the team knew how to make sacrifices,” said the coach of the Elche team after the match..

Beccacce, who unintentionally made firewood from a fallen tree, was concerned about Mario Gaspar being fired and assured: “This is something that can’t happen”. “Mario is a great person and a great professional, but he cannot make these mistakes just like we cannot make the mistake of scoring the first goal from a set piece.“, lamented the Franjiverde coach.

Beccace greets Valladolid coach Paulo Pezzolano before the match LOF

Beccacece praised: “We quickly drew after the sending off and then gave up. We both strive and suffer. It’s not easy to play for so long with one less player” he stated.

Elche coach also regretted it Lack of success and effectiveness in attack The performance of your team at the beginning of the season. “We felt helpless because we were superior to our opponents and then we couldn’t score a goal and then we gave up and had to start rowing again. Football is a state of mind. After the 1-0 and the sending off we had a lot of personality to play the game and the team grew despite the difficulties.. “This is something I value very much,” he said.

Finally, the Franjiverde coach was happy Sergio León’s goal. “This is important for him, for the team and for everyone,” he emphasized..