Luis Rubiales’ resignation is not a success for the GovernmentThis was a relief for Pedro Sánchez, who was intimidated while dealing with the biggest scandal of his career, as if the bully had scared him more than González and Guerra combined. FIFA was penalizedWhile Moncloa lacks clairvoyance, he represents it with absolute fidelity, an operetta character supported by Spanish football. But the true practitioner of soil restorative public opinion. Although this institution operated without distinction of gender or age, Spanish women as a whole achieved a transcendent victory; They gained social approval beyond the rules that their bodies should not be played with.

Consistency of opinion in the face of tolerance of the football world, including the affiliated press, He praised the dishonorable outburst of the head of the testicle. However, the same week that the prosecutor’s office and Jenni Hermoso took action, his resignation came through a criminal trial.

Like major corrupt politicians, Rubiales’ prior consultation with his criminal lawyer would have informed Rubiales that his assets were dwindling. The dominant current, synthesized by the distinguished prosecutor José María Mena, A. sexual assault in the lower partImprisonment from 1 to 4 years, possibly replaced by a fine.

It was an ordeal for the victim, but the die was cast. Of course, a corner should also be reserved for those of us who embrace the no less radical dictum of the great Clara Serra. Well, “Blatant sexism” that needs to stop immediatelywithout having to wade into stormy punishing waters.

Rubiales’ resignation is a feminine victory but an embarrassment for the Government, which had to sack him before intervening in the general assembly of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. No one can speak in a pro-coup language against an institution that synthesizes the Crown, the State, the Nation and, most importantly, even the Ball in its name. The disappearance of a man who humiliated a country was a step towards throwing unresolved pantomimes such as TAD into the dustbin of history. Not to mention the CSD or the shaky Ministry of Culture.