Luis Rubiales This Sunday he submitted his resignation as RFEF president. The Andalusian leader guaranteed that he will send a letter to Pedro Rocha, who is the interim president, at 21.30 tonight, informing him that he is resigning from the position for which he was suspended by FIFA.

When he realized this, he also resigned as UEFA vice president. It is ‘clear’ that I will not be able to return to duty after FIFA’s swift suspensionThe last of these was that this Friday, following the complaint filed by Jenni Hermoso, the National Court Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint for sexual assault and coercion.

“Insisting on waiting and sticking to it will not make a positive contribution to either the Federation or Spanish football,” Rubiales said. There are “powers”Who will “block” his return, which he does not name.

“I must look forward, I must look to the future. Now there is one thing that concerns me for sure. I have faith in the truth and I will do everything in my power to ensure that it prevails. My daughters, my family and the people who love me were subjected to extreme crueltyAmong many lies, but it is also true that more and more truth prevails on the street,” the statement issued by the current president of the RFEF is also included.

Minutes before publishing the statement, Rubiales had announced his impending resignation in an English interview with The Sun newspaper, claiming that he was following the advice of his family and friends: “I talked to my father and my daughters. They are close friends.” I told him that now I had to focus on my dignity and move on with my life, because otherwise I could possibly end up hurting the people I love, the sport I love, and what I built a long time ago.

The resignation, which thus ended the Andalusian leader’s tenure as head of the RFEF, came three weeks after he kissed Jenni Hermoso without her consent and put her genitals in a box in the minutes after the Women’s World Cup final.

After calling “idiots” And “douchebag” According to those who criticize this behavior, Rubiales has begun a flight that will now end. He tried to calm the criticism with an apology video in which he allegedly shared responsibility with Hermoso for the football player’s unwanted kiss, emphasizing that it was “not the intention of either party”.

In the following days, pressure from the government, the football world and society in generalFollowing the events, he announced to his close circle that he would resign at the meeting held on Friday.. But far from resigning, he shouted “I will not resign” five times after an embarrassing speech filled with sexist remarks.

A day later, FIFA suspended him for 90 daysThis was the heaviest blow Rubiales had received these days and one he knew he wouldn’t come out of it unscathed. The government also tried to suspend him from office, but the TAB found no “very serious” flaw in his behavior that prevented the Executive from taking action.

Meanwhile, Jorge Vilda has been relieved of his duties as women’s coach and Rocha is making minor changes at the RFEF that are perceived as cosmetic, given that Rubiales’ trusted people have (and continue to) retain their positions.

Following the resignation of the president, the RFEF will be governed by a management commission that will take the reins of the organization until new elections are held in 2024.

Statement from Luis Rubiales

Today at 21.30, I submitted my resignation from the position of RFEF President to the Deputy President, Mr. Pedro Rocha. I also informed you that I have done the same for my position at UEFA in order to change my position as Vice President.

It is obvious that I will not be able to return to my duties after FIFA’s rapid suspension decision and other proceedings initiated against me.

Insisting on waiting and holding on to it will not contribute positively to either the Federation or Spanish football. Because there are actual forces that will prevent me from returning.

There is the happiness I have experienced in the management of my team and, above all, in this tremendous privilege of being at the head of RFEF for more than 5 years.

I do not want Spanish football to suffer from this whole lopsided campaign and, above all, I make this decision after making sure that my departure will contribute to the stability that will allow both Europe and Africa to remain together in the 2030 dream. It will allow the world’s largest event to be brought to our country.

I have to look forward, I have to look to the future. Now there is something that keeps me very busy. I have faith in the truth and will do everything in my power to ensure it prevails. My daughters, my family, and the people who love me have been exposed to extreme cruelty as well as many lies, but it is also true that more and more truth prevails on the streets. From here, I would like to convey lots of love to all workers, council members, federations and the football community and wish them success.

Thank you to everyone who supported me during these times.

Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar