La Liga President explained why he is against the establishment of the Super League 00:30

Spanish La Liga President Javier Tebas opposed the establishment of the European Super League marca.

We need to protect all football, not just elite football. This is a risk for the economic balance of European football. This is not the same as in April 2021. This is against national leagues,” Tebas said.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) strongly opposed this initiative, vowing to disqualify the organizers of the competition, so most of the teams announced their refusal to participate in the tournament after the first month.

Two participants remain in the Super League project: Real Madrid and Catalan Barcelona.

Previously Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus contacted A call was made to more than 50 European clubs to create a new Super League tournament that could replace the Champions League.

60-80 clubs are planned to participate. There will be no permanent participants in the tournament, all teams will be divided into divisions (expected to be four) and play at least 14 matches per season.

Previously UEFA pressed He went to Juventus and forced them to leave the Super League project.

Source: Gazeta


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