Demenko does not see Oganesyan’s possible departure to Armenia as a loss 19:53

Maxim Demenko, former striker of Spartak and the Russian national team, talked about the possible transfer of national team player Stepan Oganesyan to the Armenian national team. Demenko told that the young Orenburg football player has not yet shown himself so well, and his possible departure can be considered a loss.

“I’m not saying it shows itself strongly. He’s promising, but it’s too early to say he’s a successful player. So, especially since we have players, there will be no loss. Another thing is that the time has come for Valery Georgievich to make a choice in terms of composition – basic and they will compete. I can’t understand why it works like that with composition. Maybe this is something new? I don’t understand you. In the national team there were always conditionally 25 players. And the competition was four or five people per seat,” said Demenko.

The previous day, the Russian national team drew 1:1 with the Egyptian Olympic team. Bilal Mazhar opened the score right at the beginning of the match. Immediately after the break, Stepan Hovhannisyan evened the score, putting the result of the match on the leaderboard. For Hovhannisyan, this ball was his first match for the national team.

On September 11, the Egyptian and Russian Olympic team will play a rematch in Suez. On September 12, Russia will face Qatar in Doha.

Formerly Demenko declarationThe best should play for the Russian team.

Source: Gazeta


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