What happened to Demichelis: the rumors of a leak to journalists and the referees’ discomfort

The peace the Millionaire lived after winning the tournament was shattered by an unexpected conflict between the DT and the squad.

On July 15, less than two months ago, River The Professional League tournament was secured two dates before the end, with an overwhelming step and by the hand of Martin Demicheliswho seemed fully adapted to Argentine football in his first semester and, hand in hand with a luxury squad, was consolidated as a candidate to face all the competition ahead.

However, from that day on everything fell apart too quickly: defeat and elimination in the Argentine Cup, loss on penalties and farewell to the Copa Libertadores, the beautiful goal, weak start in the Professional League Cup with two defeats in three games and as if that were not enough, it exploded a bomb that no one expected.

It was after the game against Vélez, described as the worst of the year, that the first rumors started to appear and it is known that once they start, it is difficult to stop them. And the same is true according to certain private chat leaks a tense relationship with the team, especially with the referenceswhose future at the club is not guaranteed after December 31, raising some suspicion due to the names of historical figures who are reportedly not included in the 2024 plans.

According to the “official” information, the meeting between the DT and the most experienced existedas well as the harshness that came from some informal conversations, in which he spoke critically of his managers, which reached the ears of the footballers.

But aside from plans for the future, there is a concern shared by fans about the team’s recent level that stems from the instability in terms of formations and tactical assetswith lasting changes. Micho himself even said at a press conference that changes cannot always save the day, because in the match against Barracas he managed to hit when footballers came in who, when they started, did not perform as expected.

“We are in an institution where you can’t feel like it, it would be very serious if someone didn’t feel like it”, he shot at the José Amalfitani. And although he made it clear that “it is not happening”, it has already been said.

The situation is unquestionable atypical for River. Because the troubles certainly existed during the eight and a half years of the Gallardo cycle, but they never left River Camp. And Demichelis, after nearly 20 years abroad, must find a way to restore peace with the support of a leadership that has chosen him for the complex post-Muñeco stage. a club that is not used to conflict.

Source: Goal


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