Spanish team captains Álvaro Morata, Rodri, Azpilicueta and Marco Asensio He appeared before the press in Las Rozas in the first row of the press room with his colleagues. Players who wanted to react to the fight in women’s football sharply criticized the dismissed president Luis Rubiales.

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Morata read the description as co-captain: “First of all, we would like to once again express our pride and heartfelt congratulations to our women’s team for their world championship title in Sydney. A meaningful historical milestone that will leave its mark on football before and after the Spanish women’s team that inspired many women with an invaluable victory. That’s why we want to express our solidarity and express our sadness with the players who see their success tarnished.”

The tone of the conversation rose as he spoke of Rubiales. “We want to reject what we think Some unacceptable behavior of Mr. Rubiales, not befitting the institution he represents”.

“We stand firmly and unequivocally next to the values ​​that sport represents. Spanish football must be an engine of respect, inspiration, inclusion and diversity He should set an example with his behavior both on and off the field.”

Finally they wanted to turn the page because “From today we face a determined concentration on the future of Spanish football on its way to participation in Euro2024. With two matches against Georgia and Cyprus. Given the importance of the challenges ahead, we want to be able to focus on sports from now on.”