midfielder Elche CF Nico Castro Played in the top 11 in the last two games Villarreal B and this past is against him Santander Race. The Argentine football player arrived in mid-August and showed off quality details and won the hearts of the fans with a good game. Also against the Cantabrians Frangiverde scored his first goal 1-0 with his jersey. This put Elche ahead after 30 minutes, but the Cantabrians drew the game.

I am happy to contribute to the team according to my goal. I feel that more can come and I want to be physically fit because I can be so much better and contribute so much more.. “I haven’t played this many minutes in a year in a year,” said Nico Castro, who came on loan from Belgium’s Genk team and had a “difficult adaptation”.

The Argentine player celebrates his goal against Racing Santander this Saturday MATÍAS SEGARRA

Although it has been added Only four points out of 12 were achieved in the first four days The Argentine football player of the LaLiga Hypermotion championship openly says: “We have a team to fight for something beautiful and with enthusiasm and effort we can achieve it.R. We knew the start would be tough and we’re working hard, we’re already thinking about the next game because All matches will be final and difficult for us.”, warns Nico Castro.

The midfielder realizes that you have to be there to be there. they are more effective against opposing goal and have more packing in defensive work. That’s why Racing de Santander assures that the draw left a feeling of “anger” in the locker room. “We couldn’t specify the chance we had, I had two more chances and it pissed us off”. Despite this, the team’s desire to win stands out despite playing with a short break from the 75th minute due to Carlos Clerc being kicked out of the game: The team prepared well on the pitch and looked for what the game required; It was trying to score goals to win.”.

The Argentine football player drew attention to the fact that the image shown in front of the Santander team increased efficiency. “line to follow”. “We put a lot of effort and struggle against opponents who touch us. something the coach asked us during the weekand be one hundred percent in the longest duration of the matches.”

Finally, Nico Castro has the following words: I commend the fans of Franjiverde. “It shows a lot and it’s good for the team. It allows us to give it another plus.”. Tell them to get excited, that we will leave everything on the field to reach our goal”.