Spanish-Colombian pilot David Alonso (GasGas) won the Moto3 race this Sunday. Catalan Grand PrixIn the eleventh round of the World Motorcycle Championship, In front of Spaniards Jaume Masià (Honda) and José Antonio Rueda (KTM)Thanks to multiple overtaking at the last bend of the last lap of the track.

Thus, the Montmeló circuit (Barcelona) experienced an exciting test with a small road trip at the World Championships and came back from the twelfth place on the grid. Spaniard Iván Ortolá (KTM) has no lead, despite starting from pole position. And a handful of drivers played for the podium in a rotating race, sometimes for up to two weeks.

Türk D took the lead in the 1st roundsea ​​front (KTM) is forcing Masià and other candidates to respond to their moves. It’s not surprising that Alonso won the 5th lap when Italy’s Filippo Farioli (KTM) crashed. Despite the circuit commissioner’s investigation into that incident, no criminal situation emerged.

Alicante Daniel Holgado (KTM) took the lead in the 7th round, but the Vanguard took the lead in the next round and remained briefly ahead of the herd. From the 13th round, Holgado was back on the most advanced square and the Turk again snatched him from him in a one-on-one game adding the guests to the result.

Masià took the stage again, and there was a motorcycle touch between Holgado and Pioneer without a scratch on anyone. At the start of lap 17, the penultimate lap of the planned 18 laps, Holgado took the lead and led Alonso. The Spanish-Colombian player led the finish line of the last corner to Montmeló, but quickly abandoned that position.

After one last round of heart attacks, Baggy crashed at Turn 10 while trying to overtake. And just four turns later, with the checkered flag already in sightPioneer again scored Spaniard David Muñoz (KTM) A maneuver that benefited Alonso’s victory and was quickly approved by the event’s organization.

The Turkish pilot thus finished third behind Masià, but received a ‘double long lap penalty’ equivalent to being six seconds behind. Thanks to this, young José Antonio Rueda finally won third place; The 17-year-old Sevilla football player took his first podium in his professional career.