When everything is face to face after overtaking On the leaderboard after half an hour of play Elche CF promised them happiness their second consecutive victory of the season.

But it wasn’t. The group from Elche once again paid the price for its ineffectiveness in the attack.. Franjiverdes demonstrate quality at many stages of the game. really? They are superior to their opponents, creating more opportunities but remain weak in defense and with too little, opponents do a lot of damage.

If we add to this lack of success in the opposite field, rival goalkeepers becoming national, difficult to win in a fairly equal category and in a category where anyone can harm you.

This was a roller-coaster game that could be transferred to one side or the other.. Because Racing de Santander was about to take advantage of their numerical advantage after Carlos Clerc (m.70) was kicked out of the game. to win.

Elche tried every way, but missed again in front of the castle.

Beccace performed Just a change compared to the previous match against Villarreal B. Alex Febas He took the pivot position to replace the injured. Christian Salvador. Raul GutiThe other alternative remained on the bench, as in the last three transfers: Sergio León, Borja Garcés and Sergio Carreira.

Surprisingly, these Cantabrians who took control of the ball in the first minutes Against an Elche who is trying to wait on her court to steal and go against her.

This plan was about to work. Tete Morente gets first chance saved by Jokin Ezkeita.

Green haired couldn’t find the ball Racing had many dangerous approaches to Edgar Badia’s castleespecially after the defeats of Elche team. WITHthe frog had almost two chances in a row.

GraduallyBeccacece’s team took control with many player changes and moves on the field. your game.

Febas warns with a clearing shot. Mourad managed to put Elche ahead after the header After Nico Fernández’s pass.

And in the 30th minute came 1-0.. a robbery Fidel’s allowed in midfield priestThis time, the player, who played as a winger rather than a defender, assisted the side of the field instead of the midfield. The first to be hit was Nico Castro’s left leg. Raceuista surprised the goalkeeper.

Elche players celebrate Nico Castro’s goal MATÍAS SEGARRA

The goal hurt Santander. The green-greens started to find their game after the first goal. Too much ball contact, belt overflow and arrivals in the area. He destroyed his opponent, who even saw three cards in a row, as Elche blocked their players. They could not stop the attacks of the Elche team.

Nico Castro was encouraged by a free kick that came too close to Ezkeita’s goal post.

After the break, Racing started to dominate again and had two opportunities to level the score. and in the second, Arana succeeded with a shot to the far post After Saul’s cross.

Beccacece thought it was time for Sergio León’s debut and Cordovan came out for the unfortunate Murad.

Elche vented her anger and responded with a few minutes of arreón, giving Nico Castro two chances in a row.. In one, Ezkeita made a great save, while in the other the ball bounced off the post.

Nico Castro at the front and Nico Fernández at the back were very participatory MATÍAS SEGARRA

Clerc’s expulsion

Clerc in the 75th minute He was ejected directly from the game for catching Ekain, who was left alone facing the door..

The accident became more complicated with one missing. However While the results may not come to this Elche at this start of the championship, their desire, will and dedication cannot be denied to the end. Despite the numerical deficiency, they pursued the victory until almost the 100th minute of the match.

The Franjiverde coach unloaded the guns he had left in the bench: Salinas, Guti, Lautaro Blanco will serve as center and Óscar Plano will play as midfielders.

The group from Elche died with his boots. Attacked, attacked… though no prize.

A draw that looks more and more like playing at home. We have a lot ahead and Beccacece has a lot of work in front. Must make a lot of adjustments especially when defending and we don’t give too much convenience to competitors. And when it comes to attacking, find the formula to inflict more damage on teams that feel down but know how to protect themselves from tooth to toe..


– Elche: Edgar Badia; Josan (Salinas, min. 77), Mario Gaspar, Bigas, Clerc; Tete Morente, Febas (Raúl Guti, min. 84), Nico Castro (Lautaro Blanco, min. 84), Nico Fernández, Fidel (Óscar Plano, min. 84) and Mourad (Sergio León, min. 58).

SANTANDER RACE: Jokin Ezkieta; Mantilla, Germán (Pol Moreno, min. 94), Rubén Alves, Saul; Morante, Aldasoro (Iñigo Sainz, min. 65, Yeray (Andrés Martín, min. 46), Iñigo Vicente, Lago Junior (Peque, min. 46) and Arana (Ekain, min. 59).

JUDGE: Moreno Aragon (Andalusian Committee). Aldasoro showed yellow cards to Arana and Yeray for Racing Santander. He showed Clerc a direct red card in the 75th minute.

TARGETS: 1-0 min 30: Nico Castro. 1-1 min. 53: Spider.

STADIUM: Martínez Valero in front of 13,051 spectators.