Atticgo CBM Elche took their special revenge in the remake of the last Iberdrola Guerreras League final, beating Costa del Sol Málaga by an impressive 33-26 in the first match of the new season.

The whimsical calendar brought this duel in the first exchange between the two best teams of last year and the players under his leadership. Joaquin Rocamora They have now proven to be one step ahead of their executioners a few months ago.

tremendously Morales under the sticks (16 saves), with excellent orientation Benitez and execution Van ZijlBetween the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half, Franjiverdes defeated the Andalusians and scored eight loan goals (26-18, min.44).

Atticgo Elche has already demonstrated the ambition that should characterize this highly targeted course. Gascó was responsible for scoring his team’s first goal, and despite scoring in the first minutes, the local team was seen with another gear.

This time, Castellanos’ saves were not enough and he was helpless, just like his coach, as Málaga was unable to enter the game. The women from Elche completed the multi-choral performance, another distinguishing feature of this ensemble.Since Van Zijl’s 7 goals and Benítez’s 6 combined with 5 goals from So Delgado and the scoring contribution from ten different players. The next commit will be in Porriño this Wednesday.


Atticgo Elche: Morales, Carratu, Zhukova (4), Van Zijl (7), Oppedal, Guilabert (2), Méndez (3), Andreu, So Delgado (5), Gascó (1), Flores, Benítez (6), Wolfs (2), Bernabé (1), Do Nascimento and Rosa (2).

Costa del Sol Malaga: Castellanos, Fernández, Piñeira (1), Jiménez (1), Doiro (2), Cesáreo (1), Arderius (6), Sole López (3), Berasategi, Campigli, Lima (1), Espe López (5), Sánchez, Vela (1) and Medeiros (5).

Get points every 5 minutes: 2-2, 3-3, 4-6, 8-8, 12-10, 15-12 (rest); 18-14, 21-17, 26-18, 28-22, 30-24 and 33-26.

Referees: Yon Bustamante and Javier Álvarez. They excluded Flores, Bernabé, So Delgado and Wolfs for locals and Campigli for visitors.

Pavilion: Esperanza Lag (Elche).