since the beginning World, Spain and Canada they were bound to meet. They already knew this when they met during a friendly preparation in Malaga in mid-August. but not both Sergio Scariolo nor Jordi Fernandez, The reference and teacher of the Italian coach from Badalona, ​​whom he took as an assistant to the national team in 2017, could only dream of this under these circumstances. In their match this Sunday (15:30, La 1), only one will survive the tournament and the loser will be condemned.

The sin of the Spanish team is to fail on the critical day Latvia (69-74), repeated hours later Canada vs Brazil, Admitting a defeat that no one could have imagined. North America team one of the title’s biggest favoritesThe South American team, which recovered with a 21-10 series in the last quarter and won 69-65, surprised the encounter.

The Canadian team has gone from being one of the giants of the competition to a more grounded team, but this could be a bad day for a team that won their first round games with an average of 37 points. “We will be really aggressive and ready to fight against Spain,” he said. Jordi Fernandez press conference after his defeat Brazil, convinced that the image of his choice will be radically different. “My relationship with them is great. I have a great admiration for Scariolo and also have an excellent relationship with Juancho, but that’s not true,” he explains.

seven players in the NBA

In the opinion of most of the tournament selectors, Canada It has the conditions to be considered a solid alternative to US power and intends to justify itself after many years of being out of the limelight. He has equal talent and physique in a group of seven players competing in the NBA. with exceptions Andrew Wiggins (Warriors) and Jamal Murray (The Nuggets) have put together most of their North American team figures in major international history, but that may also be its Achilles heel: lack of experience.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Thunder) averages 22.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists; kelly olynyk (Jazz) had 13.5 points and 7.3 rebounds RJ Barrett (Knicks) Average of 12 points. However, they took the field together against Brazil, who knew how to play with him in the final period.

“Shai is supposed to score and create play but he didn’t do it. Kelly was supposed to create games, rebound and score effectively, but he didn’t. RJ Barrett needs to run efficiently on the track to score goals and defend, but he didn’t do that,” he said critically. Fernandez When analyzing the performance of his three stars against Brazil.

In the preparation phase, which can be a reference point, Canada beat Spain in overtime The last of the Granada tournament (80-85) was a very physical match, with little success in shooting for the Spanish team (10 out of 35 three-pointers, 28% efficiency, with Scariolo devoting just a few minutes to the game). tranquility and Garuba testing after missing most of the preparation.