Jayson Tatum, who had 31 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists in 33 minutes, had a great team performance on Monday. boston celtspassing through Miami Heat (102-82) At TD Garden and tied the Eastern Conference finals 2-2. Scoring 10 points 48 hours ago in a massive 127-102 setback against the Heat, Tatum went to light up the Garden with some spectacular play, on a night when the Celtics showed all their might on both sides of the court despite the defeat. Marcus Smart, who finished game three with severe ankle pain. Making history as the first coach in the NBA, Ime Udoka’s team can also count on the outstanding performance of Dominican Al Horford, who dominated the paint with 5 points, 13 rebounds and 4 key shots to completely knock out the playoffs. Five Celtics players finished in double digits against a Heat that paid off the loss of Tyler Herro, the season’s sixth-best man, and the recoverable physical condition of leaders like Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry. Butler scored 6 points in 27 minutes and Lowry 3 points in 21 minutes. Victor Oladipo, who recovered the continuity after being crushed under the injuries in the last seasons, became the Heat’s top scorer with 23 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists. The Heat’s starting lineup, consisting of Butler, Lowry, Adebayo, Max Strus and PJ Tucker, scored just 18 points. Worst brand in ‘playoffs’ since 1970-1971 academic year.

Miami, 14 shots to 0 to start off the field

The Celtics were a little past the first second as Tatum led the offensive, already with 12 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists after the first period, when the Heat needed fifteen tries to get their first field goal. The first goal came from the free throw line, which was Bam Adebayo’s job, as Oladipo from the bench tied the first basket, almost nine minutes into the game. The Celtics’ hunger for points, rebounds (19-8) and split ball determination that didn’t satisfy the Celtics’ hunger, who continued to press the gas pedal and crush the Heat a bit, managed to break only Victor Oladipo’s consecutive break with 18 points and missed the lines.

Tatum, 24 points in the first half

The Celtics also fouled Erik Spoelstra’s men and fired 26 free throws in the first half. 57-33 In the first half, he had twelve points (24 points and 8 rebounds) from a Tatum who was already close to a double-double. Ime Udoka’s men hit 32 points in the third quarter with 7 points from Tatum and a Horford clearing the paint with 5 rebounds and 2 shots, and the Heat couldn’t raise his head despite cutting the lead from time to time. to 23 points.

Horford, fourth hat and cream

This 76-52 As the Celtics reached the final quarter, Payton Pritchard and Al Horford’s opening trio hit those of Udoka, dashing any hopes of a comeback for the Heat, with few heroes like Tucker or Butler on the bench. I’m thinking about the fifth game. The last minutes were a party in the Garden, with Horford sealing a massive block to Gabe Vincent and Pritchard by signing 88-57, making it past thirty points in eight minutes.

“He’s an unbeatable leader,” said Jayson Tatum at the end of the game to celebrate the performance of one of the Celtics’ greatest assets, Horford, who will tie the Heat in their second game this Thursday. to decide.