Countless meetings to reveal the 2030 Winter Olympics candidacy have only served to confirm that the deal is far away. The disappointment of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) seems to have come to the point of giving up on holding new meetings for the joint nomination. Before Aragon castled and saw time running out, Alejandro Blanco has closed the dialogue time and will present his proposal to the IOCleaving it open to anyone who wants to join it.

At this meeting, the final proposal would be discussed, which carried the two tests to Aragon, the ‘freestyle’ Cerler and cross-country skiing to Formigal, but removed figure skating from Zaragoza, meaning 55 tests in Aragon and 41 tests in Catalonia. . Victor Francos, Secretary General of Culture and Sports of the Spanish Government, Presidential ‘advisor’ Laura Vilagrà, Aragon councilor Felipe Faci and COE president Alejandro Blanco.

The Aragonese councilor noted: that they want to do non-negotiable skating and alpine skiing aragon. After an hour and a half meeting and considering the fact that there was no progress, Blanco closed the meeting and stated that the COE would make its proposal. In statements sent by the Government of Aragon, Faci said the EC had “unilaterally terminated” talks on the joint candidacy and announced its intention to work on a technical candidacy.

It was emphasized from the Generalitat that they “respect all agreements” and are “willing to change this agreement” after Aragon abandons the technical agreement. In this sense, they reiterated their wish for the EC to “explore all options”, including the Catalonia Games alone. “We want speed, we want Games.”

The International Olympic Committee was positive about Barcelona becoming Olympic again and the Pyrenees hosting the first Winter Games, but 10 months after Pere Aragonès sent the official letter to the COE to select the Games, there was still no agreement between Catalonia and Aragon.

IOC president Thomas Bach will visit Barcelona on 1 June, when Blanco will confirm the Spanish candidacy and ask for some more time to close. The COE chief will give more details on next steps at a press conference on Wednesday.