Kylian Mbappe confirmed on saturday Renovation by Paris Saint-Germaina decision that many consider a decision “betrayal” real Madrid. That same night, Mega aired a special episode of ‘El chiringuito de juguenes’. Joseph Pedrerol admitted what his “mistake” was In this entire soap opera, sports meetings were considered natural until a few days ago, when the football player arrived at the white club.

“It may seem artificial to many people, but the illusion we created was a reality. Florentino spoke to Mbappé on Skype every 15 days, which was definitely a commitment. Everything has been agreed,” said the journalist, who wanted to explain to his audience: “We published this when he promised to sign for Real Madrid. In Madrid they believed it because he promised“.

Pedrerol, which understands that people are “angry and blame”He also pointed to his failure in this discussion: “When they reached a full year and money deal in September, pretty much everything was agreed… I said here that Mbappé will play for Madrid. I took your word and it’s my faultbut it’s more serious that Madrid believed it”.

He also took the opportunity to point out possible “culprits” in this story: “He may be guilty. Mbappe for the traitor, because Florentino mismanaged and Pedrerol hoped for his future and sold.” “Those who insulted me… I understand that people might be angry, but we’ve told you what happened here. in every moment. “We said last week that things were getting complicated,” she recalls.