“My future is in MMA”: an alien alive pretending to be Dziuba

The continuation of the career of striker Artem Dziuba is one of the hottest topics of the upcoming summer season. In recent months, the forward has left Zenit’s main team and has appeared on the field mainly as a substitute. There is a lot of talk about the future of the actor – winning the fourth championship in a row, St. We are talking about signing a new contract with St. Petersburg club, Serbian Red Star and Turkish Fenerbahce and another. An unnamed Russian championship club.

His contract with blue-white-blue expires in June, and Dzyuba still has time to think. At the same time, according to media reports, he has already rejected the club from Serbia, as he considers the national championship weak and is more inclined to continue his career in Turkey.

This issue was also mentioned on the Match TV channel. During the program “There is a theme!” Host Artem Anisimov dialed a number he believed belonged to the attacker.

However, a completely different person was released, whose voice did not resemble Dziuba. The person who answered the phone answered all the server’s questions.

– Artem, hello, I’m Anton Anisimov, “There is a theme!” program. On Match TV. We are live now. Artem, please tell me, I want to know that you will come. Where can we expect you next season?

The future will be bright and beautiful.

– And where and in which club will he be?

– In which club he will be … I do not know, probably, in fights without rules, M-1, – said unknown.

At the end of the program, the presenter announces that the broadcaster’s St. Petersburg stated that Zenit is not a striker.

“Before we go to the commercial, I must say that our guys, our agents did a research and found out that Dzyuba changed her phone number, she does this constantly. And as I understand it, it was not Dzyuba who spoke to us, but another person who gave false information for Artem,” Anisimov said.

Shortly after, the channel apologized to both the attacker himself and anyone else misled by the call. “Everyone is talking about where Dzyuba is going. He directly says to Artyom, “There is something!” We tried calling and asking on the talk show, but he didn’t pick up the phone.

Already on the air, it turned out that Dzyuba changed his number, and Anton Anisimov was answered by a non-prospective Zenit. Before leaving for the commercial, the presenter warned that the speaker’s quotes do not belong to Artem.

We apologize to Artyom and to everyone who was misled,” the Match TV press service said.

Alexander Tashchin, general producer of Match TV channel, also apologized for the incident.

“I want to apologize to Artem, FC Zenit and all viewers who were misinformed on today’s broadcast. “We conducted an internal investigation on the Telegram channel and arrived at appropriate organizational results, but we did not consider it necessary to make it public,” Taschin said.

Anisimov, who was broadcast live on the TV channel the day after the incident, confessed once again that they had done the wrong trick the previous day. He also apologized to anyone who might have been offended by such an event. Interestingly, the host compared himself to Dziuba and said that both of them had gotten a lot of negativity lately, so they should stay together.

“I can assume that this might hurt and offend Dziuba. That’s why I want to address him directly. Artem, it just so happened that you and I are somewhat alike. Both you and I have been getting a lot of hate from angry people lately. We’ll see which of us envious people hate more. But we do not pay attention to all this, we continue on our way. Also, you and I are always in favor of peace, kindness, love, justice and Russia’s victories on all fronts.

It seems to me that we should stick to each other and not be bothered by each other’s bullshit. This is how we will win. Come to our studio or stay in touch.

At least give me your real phone number so I can write or call you. No Pasaran, Artem,” said Anisimov.

Dzyuba did not comment on the mistake made by the channel. Now striker, St. Petersburg club is preparing for the last game of the Russian Premier League season against Nizhny Novgorod, which will take place on May 21. st. For a club from St. Petersburg, the match is not a tournament, Zenit decided the championship question three rounds before the end of the tournament.

In the live broadcast of Match TV channel, presenter Artem Anisimov wanted to talk to striker Artem Dzyuba, but instead of the striker, an outsider was accidentally broadcast. The stranger talked about the actor’s future plans and jokingly claimed that he would be moving to MMA. Only at the end of the show did the host stated that it was not Dziuba after all and apologized for the misunderstanding.

Source: Gazeta


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