A mushroom needle and a fallen icon: the most ridiculous injuries in sports history

1. Champagne cork

Eritrean cyclist Binyam Ghirmay set a historic milestone by becoming the first black African to win a stage race at the Giro d’Italia, part of the prestigious Grand Tour alongside the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España.

However, Girmai had to miss the next round of the Giro d’Italia due to a ridiculous injury: he injured his left eye while opening champagne while celebrating his victory on the podium.

The mushroom strongly hit the eye, which was immediately filled with blood. The victim was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, it soon became clear that nothing seriously threatened his vision, but Girmay had to pause anyway.

“I was a little upset about the champagne thing, everyone was worried about me but in the end everything worked out,” Girmey said in a video posted on social networks by the Intermarch-Wanty-Gobert team. – After that, I did not go to the beginning because I need to rest my eyes. I look forward to returning to the competition, thank you all for your support.”

“Biniam is doing well, but we have to wait. He’s better, he’s seeing again. That’s okay,” said team doctor Pete Daniels.

2. Icon

Georgian football player Otar Khizaneishvili, who played for Moscow Dynamo and then Germany’s Freiburg in 2004, also suffered a strange eye injury.

When he went to training camps, he always carried an icon in a heavy case with him and placed it on his bed.

Khizaneishvili once dreamed that he had to throw the ball from the outside, and the football player waved his arms in his sleep, hitting the icon right on the head from the wall.

The heavy frame stood out, but the sight never returned to its previous level.

3. Coke cap

Former Barcelona and Liverpool player Jari Litmanen, who was recognized as the best football player in Finnish history according to UEFA from 1954 to 2003, also suffered a ridiculous eye injury.

As a Malmö player – towards the end of his career – Litmanen decided to bet the club’s sporting director that he could open a bottle of Coke with one eye. As a result, the football player exaggerated so much that he damaged his cornea and missed two weeks of training and went to the hospital.

4. Seagull

Real Madrid legend Fernando Morientes once accidentally flew a seagull out of the football field while training.

The bird reacted very aggressively and hit it with its beak so much that it pierced the football player’s palm to the bone.

Morientes had to miss two months of training.

5. puppy

Also, due to the animal, former Chelsea player Darren Bernard, who was out of action for five months due to a terrible injury – a torn knee ligament, was injured. Blame a cute puppy who hasn’t been toilet trained and has peed on the floor.

Not realizing this, the football player slipped onto the wet linoleum and fell so unsuccessfully that he severed his ligaments and was taken to the hospital.

6. Game controller

AC Milan legend Alessandro Nesta, one of the best defenders in football history, suffered a stupid injury while playing PlayStation.

In a tense moment in the match, the football player pressed the buttons of the gamepad so violently that he tore a tendon in his wrist. Due to this injury, Nesta missed a month’s training.

7. Aftershave

Even more offensive was the legendary Spanish goalkeeper Santiago Canizares, who shined a light for Valencia and participated in the 1994, 1998 and 2006 World Cups, but had to miss the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea due to an absurd injury.

While taking a shower, Canizares accidentally bumped into a bottle of aftershave and decided to catch him by lifting his feet. As a result, the bottle broke, and one of the pieces got into the goalkeeper’s leg so much that it cut the tendon.

As a result, the main goalkeeper of the Spanish national team had to watch the World Cup on television, and the rising star of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, began to shine in the national team.

8. Drill

Former England, Manchester City and Leicester striker Darius Vassell disliked going to the doctors so much that he decided to deal with the nail that got into his finger, which was starting to become inflamed and bothering him.

The football player came up with an ingenious solution – to open the nail on his own with a drill and release the pus.

However, instead of performing a point operation, the drill removed half of the nail and an infection got into the wound, so Vassel had to go to the doctors anyway. Surgeons removed the damaged nail and the actress missed several weeks to recover from the damage.

9. Mayonnaise

Former England and Aston Villa striker Darren Bent fortunately did not use drills – a regular knife was enough for him.

The football player wanted to make a sandwich and persistently tried to open a jar of mayonnaise, which he exaggerated and cut his own hand instead of the lid.

10. Board of Directors

While playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James was suddenly injured after an offensive loss in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

With the score tied, his partner JR Smith picked up the ball from under the opponent’s hoop, but did not throw it and ran to his ring, apparently believing his team was ahead. As a result, Cleveland lost and LeBron got so angry in the locker room that he hit the wood with his fist and broke his arm.

He spent the remaining matches with injury and could not make a big impact on the game: the team took four losses in a row and lost the series.

A shot of champagne in the eye, a torn ligament due to a peeing puppy, a terrible cut in a fight with a can of mayonnaise – socialbites.ca tells how the legends of Real Madrid, the Spanish national team, England, the NBA and not only received the most ridiculous injuries in the history of the sport. .

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