Who is the fifth great of Liga MX?

In the history of Liga MX There has been controversy about this for a long time which team can share the glory to be considered a “great” of Mexican football. However, few teams can defend their candidacy in a dignified manner based on various aspects.

Within national football they are: four the teams the fans call “big”: America, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas. There are multiple factors that come into play to be considered that way, such as: hobby, popularity, winners, history and current affairs†

Which team has the most MX Leagues in Mexico in all of history?

But outside those four clubs, there are three more who sign up to share their table. Toluca, Tigres and Monterrey They have been in charge of constantly raising their hands to fight for that fifth place and gain recognition from the rest of the country.

Therefore, in GOAL We analyze each team and select the fifth “big” of Liga MX based on the above aspects:


André-Pierre Gignac Tigers Opening 2021


There is no doubt that the UANL team has grown exponentially over the past decade. Led by Ricardo Ferretti, de Felines got eight titles (five Liga MX, one Copa MX and two Champion of Champions), but history before that time doesn’t play in his favor to be considered a “great”. In addition, the club often far from relevant at international level despite the great team they have built over the years.

As for the fans, the club is one of the most attached by the free and crazy† Despite the change of strategist, the team remains one of the most powerful thanks to the great signings they make semester after semester, a situation that is also strongly criticized by the rest of the championship.


Hobby: 10/10
popularity: 7/10
History: 5/10
Gift: 9/10
honors: 7/10

LAST: 38/50


Rogelio Funes Mori Monterrey Opening 2021


Rayados, also from Nuevo León, is one of the strongest contenders to be considered the fifth “big” in Mexico. Although the money injection Recent history has been essential to its growth, the team has a very important history for the institution and the rest of Liga MX.

Despite this, are hobby is considered by the rest of the supporters of Mexican football as “cold chest”; namely, they are with the team in good times, but in bad times they disappear† Their relevance at the international level has helped them get into the showcases of the world and raise the name of the country, giving them a better score.


Hobby: 9/10
popularity: 7/10
History: 7/10
Gift: 8/10
honors: 8/10

LAST: 39/50


Rubens Sambueza Toluca Opening 2021


Perhaps the team with the fewest reflectors on this list, but whose candidacy is the strongest to keep that fifth seat at the “big” table. The Devils have a very relevant history, with period scorers and hard-to-beat records.

The only weak point at the Scarlets is their popularity† Eventhough I more Liga MX titles than Cruz Azul and Pumasthe Reds do not have the same support as they are considered to be a very local team whose fans are mainly focused on the state of Mexico, unlike the Celestes and Auriazules who have a national and international reach.


Hobby: 7 /10
popularity: 5/10
History: 10/10
Gift: 9/10
honors: 9/10

LAST: 40/50

Source: Goal


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