Kostomarov says he was most motivated after amputation 22:43

Roman Kostomarov, 2006 Olympic champion in figure skating, published in his own magazine telegraph channel An article in which I thank everyone for their unwavering support.

“Hi everyone! Thank you for your support and well wishes! It’s very inspiring, it helps to fight and keep going,” wrote the 46-year-old skater.

On July 6, Kostomarov was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he stayed for 175 days.

In early January, the athlete was hospitalized after New Year’s performances at an outdoor show. It was stated that he was taken to the intensive care unit due to pneumonia and was dependent on artificial lung ventilation, and his condition was reported to be extremely serious.

On February 7, TASS reported that both legs were amputated for Roman Kostomarov. Also later there was information about amputation of fingers. In the spring, the Olympic champion began the rehabilitation process.

Formerly Tatyana Navka expression Confidence that Roman Kostomarov will return to the ice.

Source: Gazeta


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