CF Intercity visited the training ground and the facilities in the area. Bonalba Golf Club where the team plans to train in mid-August. All the players, together with the technical committee and the managers, toured the facilities that will come out to carry out a part of the pre-season preparations. Where CF Intercity will train for the 2023/24 season.

Work on finishing the CF Intercity training ground has actually been completed. Playgrounds are being planted these days. It is estimated that in fifteen days the grass will be ready to be mown. and until mid-August the CF Intercity team will be able to train at their new pitch.

The CF Intercity training ground is located on the grounds of Bonalba Golf Club and The first team will be able to enjoy high-end facilities: gym, locker rooms, swimming pool, spa and parkingas well as other services realized through the agreement reached between both parties.

The agreement signed with Bonalba Golf Club is valid for five years with the possibility of renewal between both parties. Next to the training ground, an area will be established for physical therapy, rest and treatment services for football players. In the second stage, a sports hall will be built on the field.

Salvador Martí, president of CF Intercity, thanked Bonalba Golf Club for its effort and support: “Thank you for providing us with first-class facilities. This year we will have no excuses. It is the commitment we have reached with our technical team and staff, and we have achieved it. We will try to make daily life as easy as possible for the players.”

Xavier Darblade, manager of Bonalba Resort, assured the players and managers: “We are sure you will feel at home” He wished success to his club throughout the season and said, “It is the realization of the agreement we signed. The floor will be ready and you can have a real training center, locker rooms and playground for you.

CF Intercity training ground construction eco-sustainable workbecause the basic principles of sustainable construction are taken into account: maximum respect for the environment and positive impact on the environment, controlling the waste produced and maximizing the use of resources from renewable sources.

Players visit the facilities where they will train. INTERCITY

In this way, the construction of the course was planned in such a way that all excess water always returned to the golf course. As the water is transferred to a collection point and returned to the existing lake for reuse as explained by the technicians, it is never wasted or lost due to neither rain nor excessive irrigation. Likewise, in order to avoid ecological costs, sand and gravel are transported from the nearest points in the province by contracting with local suppliers. In addition, all pumps and irrigation facilities are low consumption, variable speed and will avoid irrigation during central hours of the day.

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Intercity approved the transfer of the centre-back. Diego Cámara, football player from Peña Deportiva de Santa Eulalia. Diego Cámara, 25, is a right-handed defender who played for Numancia, Guadalajara and Peña Deportiva, with a total of 35 games last year. scored one goal per minute. The new Intercity player is the first signing of the Alicante club, which will be managed by Argentine coach Alejandro Sandroni.