Can Italy replace Ecuador in Qatar 2022 because of the Byron Castillo case?

the theme of any removal of Ecuador of the Qatar 2022 World Cup has the Chilean national team on edge after the Federation filed a formal claim with FIFA over an alleged misalignment of the player Byron Castillo, from the Barcelona de Guayaquil archives.

The side is said to have defended the Tricolor in eight games of the South American Qualifiers, using “using a false birth certificate, false declaration of age and false nationality,” according to evidence gathered by Eduardo Carlezzo, the attorney responsible for the investigation.

In Italy, however, they believe that the rule favors the Azzurra for its position in the FIFA rankings, in which he occupies the sixth box and is the only one of the top 15 teams not to have a place at the Asian fair after being eliminated in Europe’s rematch against North Macedonia.

“There is a possibility that Italy will be saved for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a much more concrete possibility than everyone thinks. It seems that Ecuador used a non-Ecuadorian player who had no right to play. And before that he could speak possibility, but there are extremes of that happening,” said Franco Chimenti, former leader of Lazio and now helmsman of the Italian Golf Federation in dialogue with Parliament Rai Gr. “There is a FIFA rule that talks about play-offs and the highest-ranked team: and this is definitely Italy,” he added.

However, the president of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, assured that if the team led by Gustavo Alfaro is excluded from the maximum starting in November, the quota will be for a South American team, with those led by Roberto Mancini ruled out.

“Possibilities of play-offs excluding Ecuador? Zero. Europe has 13 places available and has filled them. If a place becomes available in South America, a South American team will go”, spoke the head of the FIGC in dialogue with La Gazzetta dello Sport at the end of the Federal Council, in Rome.

“We have listened to FIFA to give us a moment of hope, but the answer was absolutely negative.† In Qatar, would you like to have Italy? We would like it too. But these are the rules and we got out on painhe condemned.

Now it remains to be seen whether the agency succeeds in confirming that the documentation presented by the FFCh is valid, which could decide with the deduction of points for the Tri and a final classification of La Roja.

Source: Goal


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