What is the Inter Miami stadium: capacity and where it is home

What is the Inter Miami stadium: capacity and where it is home

Lionel Messi is getting a new home with his arrival to Inter Miami as part of the club’s move to a new stadium.

between Miami ready with the bags Lionel Messi included to fit your new stadium. The flea decided on the MLS to continue his career at a relatively new club, which he hopes to open Miami Freedom Park in the coming years, with the presence of the former footballer of Barcelona and PSG.

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Waiting to have built your own, the Garzas have been using the DVR PNK Stadium as a temporary homea building that opened its doors in 2020 with a cost of $60 million and is located in the city of Fort Lauderdalein Broward County, Florida.

The capacity was 18,000 fans, but with the arrival of Messi, it increased its capacity with tube structures to 21,000 fans. It is located next to the city’s sports complex. In addition, there are also the matches of the second team of Inter Miami.

Signing of Lionel Messi by Inter Miami: how much money will it cost, how many years of the contract will he sign, how much will he earn in salary and what number will he use?


Inter Miami’s new home is expected to open in 2025while it is currently under construction on a 58 acre site which is located close to Miami International Airport.

The stadium project includes a capacity for 25,000 people, public parks, community soccer fields, shops and restaurants.

It will also be 100 percent privately funded.

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