elche may have two track teams next season Honor Division Leaguewhere Top 16 clubs in Spain. This athletic youth qualified for the Ascension Stage in the women’s category, and Elche Decathlon Although his goal this season is to stay in the First National, he has also done so in the men’s category.

Elche Decathlon Athletics Club took first place. 205 pointsin The second match of the First Nationalwas held last weekend in Monzón (Huesca). The group from Elche, in the classification Celticfor leida and host Hinaco Monsoon. In this way, and after taking second place on the first day, he received the pass for the Ascension Stage that will take place in E.Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium in La Nucia most Sunday, June 12.

Decathlon will fight against Strong opponents such as Cornellà or Hospitaletonce again among the best in Spain, where he has been for five consecutive years, From 2017 to 2021, just before the pandemic.

Head and coach of the school Elche clubJosé Valeriano Zapata“Our goal this season was to stay in the Major League, and we’ve already done that, which gives us peace of mind. This year we chose the School and the quarry.. Although children have rewards for achieving goals, we have made the decision not to sign and pay. We chose education and for that we brought in six or seven national technicians and 14 monitors and we believe this is the right formula.. Our idea is that we have a great team that can grow four or five years into the future. Time will tell if we can make it to the First National. We managed to stay comfortably in the First Division last season and this year the children compete very well and as such, we have qualified for the Upgrade to Honor Section”.

Zapata realizes that it will be difficult to jump to the top, but he does not rule out: “The top eight National First teams will be there, but unlike other matches, There will be only one athlete per test and that benefits us, because our first swords are fine. Then we go down a little with the second athletes of each test. We start with the third best mark with seven points, after placing first in the second and first in the first game. A if competitors aren’t careless we might be there”.

But the Decathlon president reiterates:It’s complicated for us to be in the Honors Division with our new philosophy. In the highest category there are teams such as: Beaches of Castellón, Barcelona or Zaragoza exceeding million euro budget. Right now this is impossible for our club and what we want is to continue training boys and girls. In the future, we’ll see where we can be. Our place is now the First National, but we will move to the Stage of Ascension to the Hall of Fame without giving up anything.”