New episode about Mbappe’s future with 43 days left on his contract with PSG. While there is speculation about the day and time he will announce his decision about his future in Spain, the Paris club is not giving up and will continue to look for a way to persuade him until he is renewed.

Although asked whether he will tell everything after his last game with PSG on Saturday or after the Champions League final on the 28th, it is widely accepted that he has decided to leave PSG and will sign for Real Madrid. , or if he will do it in installments: he goes first, then reveals his destiny.

At the recent summit between the club and the player in Qatar, the player would set a set of conditions to explore whether he would continue at PSG. It is unknown if the French star has a final turn in talks with his club, but he remains open to dialogue without refusing to continue in Paris. There is an economic deal between the parties with an explosive offer: a bonus of 100 million euros and a net salary of 50,150 for a new contract.

Time is running out for PSG

What they don’t agree on is the sports project. According to ‘Marca’, MbappĂ© would present certain conditions to those responsible for his Paris presence. Ask for a radical change in the project from start to finish. He doesn’t take Leonardo kindly to directing the sports field he has trouble with. He fears they will not be successful with Pochettino’s replacement. And he thinks it’s vital that the very important marches and strong recruits happen. The French star raised his voice for a solid project last year and signed with PSG, Messi, Donnarumma, Ramos…

These are important conditions that could cost the French club millions of dollars. A radical change in which he will have less than a month and a half until June 30, if the player does not advance the time and declare his final farewell in advance. At Real Madrid, they expect more than ever before. The fact that nothing is signed causes them to trust the word of the player with whom they are going to make a closed deal. They continue to trust that it will fit, but they do not miss PSG’s attempts to renew it with the extra dose of pressure that MbappĂ© avoided as best he could.